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perrin515's Binder

Let me know if there is anything that you are interested in!

Cards of note:

2 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - ugin's fate promo

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - foil Korean

4 Surgical Extraction BAB promo - Japanese

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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-3 Polluted Delta have
-2 Mycosynth Lattice have
-4 Remand have
-1 Counterspell have
-1 Relentless Dead have
-4 Gravecrawler have
-1 Sneak Attack have
-1 Wheel of Sun and Moon have
-1 Grafdigger's Cage have
-1 Karakas have
-1 Steel Overseer have
-1 Voice of Resurgence have
-1 Enlightened Tutor have
-1 Mikokoro, Center of the Sea have
-1 Tireless Tracker have
-2 Collected Company have
-5 Amulet of Vigor have
-1 Vesuvan Doppelganger have
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