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psychosmurf96 When you say discard, do you mean hand disruption (like Harsh Scrutiny) or do you mean discard for value (like Tormenting Voice)?

I don't see how making more prominent helps against aggro? Maybe against midrange you can counter heavier threats, but against aggro I think it's better to focus on for the sweepers and removal. Control matchups are going to be hard in game 1 if their draws line up, but I don't know any good control deck that isn't UR Gearhulk (and therefor very predictable and disruptable). They don't even run Void Shatter anymore so loading the graveyard isn't even that bad anymore.

On that note, I like the graveyard control idea - that's what I was leaning towards (using Liliana to reanimate creatures) and incorporating the still-great Delirium cards. In the mean time we have access to the best early interaction/removal. You win on value.

Basically all offers is Torrential Gearhulk + Glimmer of Genius with all the various counterspells, which are either too narrow or too expensive (except Censor which is still situational). So if you remove this core of 'counter, counter, glimmer, hulk' then the deck is nothing.

So I guess the question is, why is everyone sticking to Control and just adding Bolas (which doesn't even synergise) when you could just build a stronger Grixis shell with Bolas as the legitimate finisher?

July 7, 2017 2:18 a.m.

psychosmurf96 was hoping to see a Grixis control deck NOT centred around the usual UR torrential control build.

I feel like rakdos splash U is the best, focussing on early removal, mid game threats and late game Nico. What do you think? I haven't drafted a list up yet, just looking around.

Nice username btw 10/10

July 7, 2017 12:28 a.m.

Said on Grixis Control...


Zaueski this seems like the usual UR Control deck, with a few new cards + black for bolas and removal.

I'm looking for a good grixis (non-torrential gearhulk) deck. Like rakdos control splash U or something. The UR shell is jammed with counters, which works with T-Ghulk at top end, so just throwing in bolas doesn't really work. I know such a deck would work, just dbf'd putting it together from scratch. Any ideas?

July 7, 2017 12:19 a.m.



Standard pax.



Standard pax.


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