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I tested out Sun Titan in some previous builds, only as a 1-of, but even then, it felt too expensive in the majority of matchups. Great value card and synergizes well with Saheeli Rai both as a value creature and a combo with 1 Saheeli in play and 1 Saheeli in the graveyard (or 2 in the graveyard). A 6 mana creature is just too expensive right now. The majority of slow matchups are blue mirrors, and resolving a 6 mana sorcery is very difficult. The other slow matchups are GBx style-decks (and sometimes Tron), and it can be great against GBx and it's largely irrelevant in the Tron matchups because that matchup isn't about value. The fact that a lot of GBx decks are the Death's Shadow versions right now, I don't even think we have enough time for it in that matchup, if it hasn't been taken by a Thoughtseize at that point in the game. I do think it could be a good card in the right meta, I just don't think its this meta.

March 25, 2017 1:36 p.m.

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Spreading Seas have been invaluable. A lot of decks in Modern are mana hungry, and the top decks right now are non-blue. Death's Shadow plays very few actual lands and try to function off 2-3 for the whole game. Eldrazi Tron too. It's even incredibly strong against Burn and those are the top 3 decks right now. It's also important to have something on the board so that Felidar Guardian isn't just a 4 mana 1/4. However, I am certain that 3 is the correct number at the moment, not 4 like a lot of Saheeli lists.

The creature suite is something I've been tinkering with myself. I don't like Wall of Omens because against a lot of decks it just doesn't buy enough time, and against other decks it's just a 2 mana 0/4 draw a card, which does nothing against dedicated combo decks (Scapeshift, Ad Naus). I am not on Wall of Omens at the moment.

I am, however, testing a less All-In list with a grindier creature package, similar to the one you mentioned. Right now, I like having: 4 Felidar Guardian (half of the combo, must play 4), 4 Snapcaster Mage (best reason to be a control deck, must play 4), 1 Vendilion Clique (2 is too many, but good against opposing Control/Combo decks), and 2 Pia and Kiran Nalaar (great on an empty board, great when you're behind, synergy with Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian, protects Saheeli Rai in the air and on the ground). The instant/sorcery build also changed slightly, so let me know if you're interested in how else my build has evolved.

As for the counterspells, I also don't think Mana Leak or Condescend is where we want to be, nor should you be playing maindeck Negate. The main counterspells to consider for this build are: Remand, Spell Snare, Cryptic Command, or Dispel. I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding over the role of Remand. It's key role is not to protect the combo turn, but rather maintain tempo (keep the board clear, stop your opponent from casting cards, all while drawing deeper into your deck to find the combo). It also can be really strong in counter wars against opposing control decks by targeting your own spells. I also think Cryptic Command can be great in the more controlling lists, so I wouldn't count out Cryptic Command. Swan Song is completely unnecessary with what this deck is trying to do, so anytime you're considering Swan Song, consider Dispel instead.


Sleight of Hand is great in a completely dedicated combo deck where all cards are based around the combo (Storm, Ad Naus) but less powerful in a Control deck with a Combo win condition. Thanks for the suggestion though.

March 24, 2017 10:36 p.m.

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I appreciate the suggestion. I'm going for a more tempo/control oriented shell, with the combo as the main win condition. While it's "All-In" in the sense that the deck plays a full set of Serum Visions, Remand, and a copy or two of Dispel, it is still at the end of the day a control deck with an "I Win" button.

I have seen Altar of the Brood in some lists, but I don't think I want to dilute the deck with cards that don't do anything if I don't have the combo. The beauty of the deck in its current form is that all the cards do something individually, with the exception of Felidar Guardian who has a lot of synergies with the rest of the deck. Muddle the Mixture is an interesting suggestion, and something that still fits with the control plan of the deck. I may consider playing 1 and see how it performs.

I do see how I may have been unclear calling this "All-In", but it was more of a reference to the "All-In" Splinter Twin lists from back in the day, which played an extremely streamlined list that played a solid tempo/control game until they had enough tempo or card advantage to combo off.

March 24, 2017 10:28 a.m.




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