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Hey brotha Im trying at a budget version of this, how much of a hit am I going to take by not having Mana Crypt/Vault/Ancient Tomb/Mox Diamond/Opal?

December 9, 2017 3:17 p.m.

It is surprisingly effective. Not enough to warrant the fun-of (and bc legendary rule) but for all intents and purposes you potentially have a 9-rack now in the main board.

This seems to be catching a lot of wind tho especially with the latest SCG Classic where 3 8rack decks placed.

December 6, 2017 8:33 p.m.

Yeah, tbh it's one of those cards that looks good on paper, like Waste Not or Quest for the Nihil Stone but has been tested to death and usually isn't as effective as you'd want it to be.

I'm still very against the idea of considering taking spells out for 2 more Liliana, the Last Hope, but considering most Rack decks run 4 walkers, I feel that I at least have that wiggle room - and her + ability alone can go a long way with a ton of archetypes.

December 6, 2017 2:48 p.m.

I'm wondering if I should

-2 Buried Ruin for Field of Ruin, especially against Valakut and Tron.

and also

-1 Funeral Charm

-1 Smallpox

+2 Liliana, the Last Hope

With the new planeswalker rule, having her operate in conjunction with LotV seems sweet.

December 6, 2017 12:18 p.m.

Thank you!

December 5, 2017 11:07 a.m.

Glad you all enjoy it :)

December 4, 2017 10:40 p.m.

RIPs were actually in up until today before I changed things up. Leyline of the Void may cost more but its a one sided RIP which helps! :)

Im also surprised there arent more decks splashing colour that protrect our gameplan!

Glad you enjoyed the dechj

December 2, 2017 1:18 a.m.

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Austin_Smith_of_Cards That's not exactly what was expressed. The idea is to dredge at the beginning of Turn 2, as we would have discarded our hand to Phantasmagorian. Suppose we've something like Nether Traitor in hand, and we organize our discard so that it's in its proper spot to reanimate, and we have a Golgari Grave-Troll to dredge our draw step. This potentially dredges the Narcos and Amalgams, as well as our flashback cards. At this point, at Bridge from Below will be in the yard, so we've sent Narcos to the battlefield, which trigger the Amalgams, but the idea here is to use the tokens produced with the copy(or copies) of the enchantment to flashback Dread Return targeting Balustrade to mill the deck. Now all 4 enchantments are in the grave, meaning 1 instance of sacrifice = 4 tokens. So 1/4 Narcomoebas make 4 Zombie tokens which can be used for Flayer of the Hatebound as our primary wincon.

To answer your question - you don't, technically. But they deal 12 on impact at the beginning of your end step with Flayer in play. To protect you from milling to death Whirlpool Rider was in this list, and now I don't know what happened to it, lol. I think I was testing Ashen Rider as another strong target to reanimate.

December 1, 2017 2:54 p.m.


enter image description here

December 1, 2017 5:14 a.m.

thegigibeast awesome, you're the best!

November 28, 2017 10:37 a.m.

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There is one potentially issue I'm beginning to notice - the creature-specific lands hurt with hands containing NCspells. It may be worth shaving a couple out for basics or something.

November 27, 2017 5:06 p.m.

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MWorl91 Not sure how this is strictly worse mate...care to elaborate? I can certainly explain why and how I feel this is strictly better in my view.

This land package is essentially a proven formula for 5c decks. Look at 5c Humans, or anything involving 5c Tribal that's come out since Unclaimed Territory was spoiled - Spirits, Elementals, etc. In that regard it's still as weak to Blood Moon as Seth's deck is since he has a lot of fetches and shocks, but the odds of being mana screwed game 1 are significant lessened with these 16 lands. As one user had mentioned, an option would be to take out the remaining shocks for some basics just to solidify some position against Blood Moon.

Lili works both as a terrific GY enabler, but slows down a lot of other archetypes with it's debuff/dork removal. I'd never rely on her Emblem but it's there. Athreos is another card that's trickier to deal with and has relevant abilities that aren't necessary to the strategy but elevate it if need be. Having an opponent choose for their best interest is almost always my best interest, as I neither care if they willingly take a bolt or give me a Zubera back to the potentially recast and sac.

CoCo is without question, a no-brainer over Gather the Pack. Sure, the latter is cheaper to cast, but being able to dump 100% of the creatures listed here into play is probably the reason why - statistically - CoCo actually sees modern play. The one thing GTP has going for it is to fuel a GY, but this isn't exactly the greatest since Zuberas only trigger for every Zubera put in the GY that turn.

The possible downside to this structure is the removal of a couple of Satyr Wayfinders, which again, I feel I need to stress that this deck isn't a delirium deck, nor is it a delve deck or any traditional Graveyard deck. It is quite literally a tribal gimmick from Kamigawa that requires a player to put as many of them them into the yard in any one turn to get the best results.

November 27, 2017 4:56 p.m.

Just asking again re:Athreos.


I just whipped up an idea of what I perceive to be a budgetless version of Atheros and wonder if it's enough to be bumped to Tier 3? If so I'll gladly make a full blown deck here.

November 27, 2017 4:09 p.m.

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Ou, I like Killing Wave a LOT! It was my spicy tech with Child of Alara EDH (killing wave for 0, lol)

Wrath of God is there; thought of Damnation but since I've the double-white basics, I figured that's a more sensible inclusion.

November 27, 2017 3:38 p.m.

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I didn't because it isn't. For starters netdecking would be stripping an entire 75. It also tends to imply that said deck was tournament-winning - which let me be clear, is absolutely not the case for this deck. It's not a resilient tribal deck in the slightest, especially with the sheer amount of Graveyard Hate that's prevalent in the Modern meta. It's not even the greatest Rally deck for that matter; I chose to make this based off the thematic relation to Mushishi and nothing more.

I can understand your confusion, seeing as it's a Zubera deck, but note that the only thing comparable would be:

  • the Tribalism, which has been done and thought of since the Kamigawa block; a quick search on this database alone can prove that much.

  • the rally package, which is unsurprisingly a common strategy in a Zubera deck. In fact a search for all of the Zubera decks here that include at least 1 of the modern-playable Zubera and Rally yield about 40% of Tribal Zubera decks on this site alone that run or rely on it. Decks made prior to (and after, in my case) Seth's video.

The landbase is structurally different, and in my opinion is a lot stronger with the way 5c decks tend to operate seeing as we have an easy 16 lands that make any colour, 20 if I went with Ancient Ziggurat - which I didn't like all that much. It's utilizing Collected Company which MTGG isn't in any capacity, and probably should it's just a ridiculously strong card that casts every creature here. Liliana and Athreos are here for redundant grave techs that operate well within the functions of the deck, and up until 2 days ago, Spawning Pit was here - which was admittedly a bad 2-of, and was swapped with the second most common instant speed "Sacrifice a creature:" card - Bloodthrone Vampire.

At the very least, I could say Seth's video, along with the rest of the decks on this site were an inspiration to try and see if I can design a better version. But that != netdecking.

November 27, 2017 2:58 p.m.

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Thats a solid idea bro

November 25, 2017 11:37 a.m.

What's the consensus on Athreos/Shadowborn? I'm wondering why it's sitting at T4, is even that too inconsistent?

November 24, 2017 4:24 p.m.

It would be tough. Reyan and Sneks are obvious BFFs of his, and the only real way to do win with his ability is just an aggro/voltron way. Which offers an issue for multiplayer since that's not the greatest strategy for more than 1 opponent.

I'd sooner fight for Isamaru's bump to T3, since he can be a white prison/stax/MLD deck wrapped inside a big durdly hound.

November 24, 2017 3:19 p.m.

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Erich_Zann I'll be quite truthful here mate, I've never actually played this deck yet. I loved the idea behind it, and Astral Slide in general, which inspired me. On paper I can tell right off the bat this will undoubtedly lose to fast degenerate Tier 1 decks, and make a modest impact in a more midrange focus group. The ramp into what you need is there. And once the engine starts it will become quite tough for an opponent to keep up with all the permanents they need to sacrifice.

That goes into our next topic regarding Censor. In truth, it's there less as a counter (which you of course can absolutely use it for) and more as a cycler. I opted not to choose durdler/do-nothing cycling cards and instead focused on ones that can actually function both ways. Admittedly, it's a gimmick. I tend to build a lot of decks around gimmicks haha.

Eldrazi Displacer does interest me. And perhaps it could see room in here over something like the Flagstones package, though Flagstone/Edge of Autumn also help feed Loam some valid targets. That's also why the cycling lands are in. They're quite easy in repeatable cycling and that was how the deck was designed: Put Astral Slide out, cycle the ETB Pirates and control your opponent's boardstate.

Displacer can also be used at instant speed, but it's downside is having another creature that could very easily die.

Trinisphere is interesting from a stax perspective but if I were to go that route, Mox Diamond would be shut off entirely so I'd have to figure ways around that.

Thank you very much for your input!

November 24, 2017 2:39 p.m.

Kaalia used to be more menacing when there werent partners.

Alesha still has a brutal stax build that is much more punishing than requiring to have big durdlers in hand.

She will still probably be viewed as a threat depending on the local meta but competitively stax builds just cripple decks far worse.

November 22, 2017 9:53 p.m.


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