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I'm a casual player living in Colorado. I play commander pretty much exclusively. Huge fan of the Command Zone and Masters of Modern collective. Love Prof and Wedge and Dies to Removal. Besides that, I listen to other podcasts, primarily Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell. I play guitar. Music. Animal Collective, Phish, metal, jazz, whatever. Game of Thrones. Tim and Eric. Rick and Morty. I'm a Gemini. WUBRG. All-around fun fella, if I do say so myself.

Some favorites:
Players-LSV, Reid Duke, Shahar Shenhar, Pat Chapin
Cards-Wonder, Bojuka Bog, Fireball
Artists-Margaret Organ-Kean(Foxfire), Terese Nielson(Visions of Beyond), Chippy(those esper basic lands from alara... dayum!)
Flavor-Giant Growth, Wooden Stake, Norin the Wary

I'm currently reuploading all of my decks and sorting cards into categories like ramp, card advantage, etc. Should be done soon.

Also, you guys help keep my favorite game around by buying and playing MTG. So thank you.


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