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I've been playing since the days of Alpha and I remember when you were ripping someone off by trading a black lotus for a shivan dragon and royal assassin. Pure value, that Royal Assassin.

Curently, my deck of choice for each format is the following:

EDH - Marath

Modern - Death's Shadow Jund, Bant Eldrazi, or G/r Tron

Legacy - Elves and 12 post

Vintage - Hatebears

Pauper - Tron

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Sydri was once considered tier 1, so how come she has fallen so far out of favor? As a focused list I've been able to combo out and win or stop other cEDH decks from winning from the word go. Originally I chalked it off to Breya but it appears even she's falling out of favor as well. What exactly makes Breya better than Sydri? It seems Breya has consistency issues being 4 colors while Sydri sticks to her guns as being dedicated to combo off before Breya can make a single move. Course, I refuse to use the combos that is C&P like Doomsday because any deck can do it along with bomberman. Worldgorger's the most dangerous combo because of a well-timed removal.......

But the point becomes, what makes Breya so good? Why is Sydri not as good or better? Is it just because of the simple attrition of the usual popularity contest of the tier lists or is it just something more legitimate?

Mind you, I have both Breya and Sydri, but I decided to make Sydri dedicated combo while Breya became an engine for midrange control in a friendlier game where not everyone is trying to win between turns 0 and 4.

October 21, 2017 5:27 a.m.

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Marath, Crafting the Perfect Combo

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