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I have fun experiences making friends and learning different mechanics of some sets and formats of MTG. My favorite card type is enchantments because of their synergy and interactions in a multiplayer setting. My favorite deck I built so far is "100% Angus Beef" which is enchantment tribal with Angus Mackenzie. I've been playing magic for only 2 1/2 years and I'm still learning different deck strategies.

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Commander / EDH* jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 183 VIEWS

Nyuul Hexproof

Standard jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 129 VIEWS

Flashing Thief

Standard* jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 140 VIEWS

Nylea's Hydra Army

Commander / EDH* jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 211 VIEWS

Naya Enchantments w/ Infinite Combos

Commander / EDH* jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 219 VIEWS

Anafenza's March of the Minis

Tiny Leaders* jettskawhirl

SCORE: 1 | 161 VIEWS

Teneb Enchantment Control

Commander / EDH jettskawhirl

SCORE: 2 | 653 VIEWS

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