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golgarigirl's Binder

I am back! Though I am currently trading again, due to my work schedule, I will likely only be able to get trades out once a week or so. I will let you know as soon as your trade is shipped!

NOTE: Tappedout has...not been doing the best at updating my inventory when I update and save. For example, it's had a Woodfall Primus in my Wants even though I got one a while back and I took it out the list? I don't know. So I apologize if I have to crush hopes and dreams because of a missed update.

Welcome to my cardboard reservoir, from which all decks are drawn. I've been collecting and playing MTG for over a decade now, and what is listed below are the mythics, rares, and value commons/uncommons that have survived my second card purge a few years back.

If there are any cards of lesser rarities you're looking for that aren't worth much, just ask! It would take a herculean effort for me to upload all my boxes of cards as well, so if you're looking for something bulk-ish (like a playset of Unsummon or something), just ask and I will see what I've got. Also let me know if there are any low-value common/uncommon foils you're looking for...I have a stack that I don't really see a point in uploading (unless people have a pressing need to know how many Curio Vendorfoil icon I have...), so feel free to ask.

If you are interested in a card, I will mention if it isn't mint/near mint. I am also -slowly- working on double-checking the set/edition of all the cards uploaded, and I will also double check that with you before a trade to make sure you're getting the set/art you like.

Even if you don't have anything on my want list, I am always willing to take a look at your binder and see if we can work something out!

A note on trades: I strongly, strongly prefer tracking numbers on any trade valued at at least $20. I always track because I'm neurotic like that! I will happily send first, as I don't have a reputation on this site yet, but I do have an above-average Ebay seller's score and I try to pride myself on promptness and professionalism, though it may take me a day or two to respond.

Note: Threads of Disloyalty is an Invocation, Wanderwine Prophets is Japanese, and the Top is in Played condition.

I also have a complete and sealed Freyalise/ Guided by Nature commander 2014 deck if that interests anyone. I will be including shipping in the trade value of that, since it is a bit pricey to move.

Also looking for these full-art lands! (will price by TCG mid): 5x Island (Unstable) 6x Forest (Unstable) 6x Plains (Zendikar 230/249) 13x Plains (Zendikar 231/249) 8x Plains (Zendikar 232/249) 8x Plains (Zendikar 233/249) 13x Island (Zendikar 234/249) 14x Island (Zendikar 235/249) 10x Island (Zendikar 236/249) 10x Island (Zendikar 237/249) 9x Swamp (Zendikar 238/249) 7x Swamp (Zendikar 239/249) 8x Swamp (Zendikar 240/249) 3x Swamp (Zendikar 241/249) 7x Mountain (Zendikar 242/249) 8x Mountain (Zendikar 243/249) 9x Mountain (Zendikar 244/249) 9x Mountain (Zendikar 245/249) 7x Forest (Zendikar 246/249) 8x Forest (Zendikar 247/249) 8x Forest (Zendikar 248/249) 6x Forest (Zendikar 249/249)

Thanks for trading!

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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