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firemind12's Binder

Thanks for stopping by! Below are my haves and wants. In addition to my wants, I'm generally interested in modern staples as well as most commander staples (specifically geared towards Atraxa and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind), so if you see something you like but don't have any of my specific wants, feel free to make an offer. I will only trade within the US, and I use TCG mid prices for card values. If a card is not near mint, I will inform you in advance and am willing to provide pictures and trade it at a discount.

All of my haves and wants SHOULD correspond to the set that I actually have or want. There may be some cases in which the set noted below is different from the one I have, but if you're looking for a specific set I will confirm what I have before we finalize anything.

I look forward to trading with you!

Additional notes:

-If you're looking to even out a trade, I am starting to collect Island 287 from Lorwyn and Swamp 291 from Lorwyn (the ones with the flowers). I'm also interested in Unstable basic lands. If you need to throw something in to even out a trade, these would be perfect. I'm also open to full-art original Zendikar lands and the full-art Amonkhet/Hour of Devastation lands.

-I have 4 of the double-sided zombie tokens from the EMN prerelease boxes for trade. I will use recent ebay sales to determine a price for these.

-I have a foil storm crow token from Unhinged for trade. I will use recent ebay sales to determine its price at the time of trading.

-The MP Noble Hierarch is sleeve playable. Edges and both faces of the card are NM/LP. However it was damaged by water at one point so if you hold it a certain way, light can magnify where exactly the rippling occurred. I will be happy to provide pictures but because it has been in my binder for so long the actual rippling is negligible.

-The following foil cards are promos of some sort:

1x Merchant's Dockhand - prerelease

1x Hazoret's Undying Fury - prerelease

1x Wildfire Eternal (one is prerelease, one is regular)

1x Ramunap Hydra - prerelease

6x Burning Sun's Avatar - buy-a-box promo

1x Old-Growth Dryads - prerelease promo

1x Kwende, Pride of Femeref - prerelease

1x Slimefoot, the Stowaway - prerelease

1x Grand Warlord Radha - prerelease

1x Fall of the Thran - prerelease

1x Aryel, Knight of Windgrace - prerelease

-Randomdeath is an outstanding trader. There was an issue with cards being damaged in the mail and returned to him. He replaced them and resent, no questions asked. That is exemplary trading behavior.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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