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dear friend :-), thank you for your comment, it makes me smile :-). It is not tier 1 deck I know but personally i don't like competitive play. I love literally kitchen tsble games with lot of fun and lot of turns :-). I really enjoy playing this deck. Wish you good time if you decide to play werewolves too :-). Only thing which makes me sad I can't play Reckless waif :-( because of village messenger. Merry Christmas and no mulligans to you :-)

December 8, 2017 10:30 a.m.

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Hello fellow tribal lover! Sweet concept lol, though I don't know how often in Modern no player will cast any spell... unless it's you, by design, in such a powered format... Either way, looks super fun, and I'll try to playtest a few hands to see if I can buy it and throw down next FNM haha

December 8, 2017 2:37 a.m.

Hey! Fellow lover of tribal builds! Cool list, I didn't realize how much power the Knight tribe has lol! Few suggestions for you, as a traditionally Saskia the Unyielding tribal player... Perhaps instead of Mentor of the Meek (which only hits 19% of your cards, and costs extra mana) maybe you run things like Outpost Siege or Chandra, Torch of Defiance? I have a Iroas Boros EDH deck which might give you some direction with your Enchantment and Artifact package? He doesn't exactly fit, but Hero of Bladehold and Hanweir Garrison both combine well with Breath of Fury to make for nearly infinite combat phases .... especially combined with Order / Chaos lol

December 7, 2017 12:34 p.m.

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Cool list! I run Wilt-Leaf Liege in EDH but I don't know if it's the right fit for you here? You'd want all of your creatures to be eligible for Collected Company in order to get max impact, would you not? Just a thought

December 6, 2017 12:23 p.m.

Hey! Fellow worshipper of the God Pharaoh! Praise his horsemen of Amonkhet's apocalypse! I have my own cEDH The Locust God list (can be found here Locust God's Swarm!)

I don't as good of formatting skills as your primer has, but I did my best. My play group is full of T1 cEDH builds, so I had to give up on a lot of the more 'cute' cards I loved from my initial The Locust God Prototype casual list.

Anyway, quick few suggestions; more mana rocks are better. Lot of the good ones get pricey, so that's obviously feelbads. Dack Fayden solves a lot of these issues by letting you steal your opponent's best rocks or win-cons! Furthermore, As Foretold consistently over-performs for me. People totally underestimate it the first time they play against it, and with my stax package, so clutch.

Anyway, I love the list, definitely a +1 from me. Let me know if there are any suggestions for my lists!

December 6, 2017 11:58 a.m.

Hey! Cool tribal scheme! I love tribes myself, bunch of different lists haha Just wondering if you felt Mikaeus, the Unhallowed would be a good fit? You seem to have 28 Human creatures, so he seems like he'd be able to give you a lot of value? You'd also be able to make better use of your Damnation then as well, without fear of losing your whole board!

November 29, 2017 12:42 p.m.


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