Hello nerd! My name is Colin. I am an Artist, sex worker, and most importantly, Planeswalker. I began playing magic roughly around Zendikar block. I started getting obsessive around M13, where I created a perverted BW tokens deck that made a bunch of my friends who got me into magic to stop playing with me because I "took it too seriously". The deck consisted of Odric, Master Tactician + Vault of the Archangel , Lingering Souls , Intangible Virtue , Honor of the Pure , and some neat combat tricks with Blood Artist + Day of Judgment that I felt totally set me apart from other token decks I came across. It top 8'd every time at 3 different locations in New York and Connecticut at FNM, no big deal.

After rotation and poverty struck me, I stuck to cockatrice+EDH until Theros block, where I rocked an enchantment deck with Fabled Hero , Ethereal Armor , Holy Mantle , and eventually Brimaz, King of Oreskos after pulling one in my 1st place after only my first FNM appearance at "Money G Cards and Collectibles".

All of my success in magic, and other unfortunately trivial matters, was juxtaposed by a completely unrelated series of unfortunate events that left me living on the streets of New York City with little clue or guidance how to survive on my own in this world. All of my possessions, including my entire magic collection, were either sold, robbed, or simply left behind...

Years later, I've turned my attention back towards magic the gathering and plan on attending, what is now Tuesday night magic, because I guess most of the community prefers playing in competitive formats where most decks cost upwards of $1000...

I still run "budget decks" though I like to affectionately refer to that play style as "Funk"; an old term my wrestling coach used to refer to using exotic techniques to throw off your opponent, who typically would overpower you if you would combat them with less clever approaches.

For me, most of the fun of Magic is designing decks. With tools like tappedout.net at my disposal, I can reliably tailor-make decks to exploit holes in decks that all of those Net-deck Planeswalkers picked up for $500 with a $50 deck. The theory is to prepare for your opponents decks, with a deck they're not as prepared to go up against, and it goes a long way.

If you want to adapt a similar playstyle to me, be prepared to have a very polarizing image in your magic community.

...and if you REALLY want to play like me, portray a "heel" persona by dressing flamboyantly (ideally to the point where you can literally just sit down and have someone call "judge!") and boasting/talking smack at any given occasion...ANY given occasion.

I am a magnanimous planeswalker myself, so feel free to net-deck any of my brews, and even lie and say you designed it if anyone asked, if you want. I just urge you get back to me and let me know how things went, share advice/stories, ect.

Geek on my friends <3

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