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I made top 8 with Grixis at a PPTQ yesterday, and I wanted to let you know. I played a slightly different list, tweaked much more towards aggro. This was the list I played:

First things first, I misplayed severely in top 8 and should probably have made top 4, even against a control deck.

Second, a couple of my card choices: I chose not to include Bolas, because although he's amazing, he's very difficult to stick cleanly. Against aggro you're already winning if you play him, against control he never sticks. Therefore I played a Chandra. Good vs. Everything.

Next I played one disintegration main because I needed to be able to beat turn 2 Steel-Leaf or turn 4 Ghalta.

Finally, I only played one Lightning because I wanted other slots more. If I played the deck again I might even cut lightning altogether and play another glimmer and have more sideboard slots against control.

As you might have noticed, control is very difficult to beat, particularly pre-board. Post board it's reasonable, but not great. One thing I noticed was that I always kept Suns in. That might change if I switch up the side a bit though, as I plan to have a heavy control board next week.

I think that's everything. I hope you found this interesting.

TL;DR: I played a version tuned against aggro, it did what it was supposed to against aggro but I didn't like it against control and will change it in the future.

June 17, 2018 6:05 p.m.


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