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Elenda, the Dusk Rose + Yahenni, Undying Partisan in combination with any board wipe and anthem effects are awesome. Get a bunch of creatures on the field, can't swing through - sacrifice creatures to yahenni to make him indestructible, plussing up elenda, then sack elenda for tokens equal to her power. Anthems on the field often double or triple the lifelink power elenda had. I'd suggest two or three of each. Then add in some kill spells, because people hate letting yahenni get started. He can win games by himself.

Mana base is skewed to black too. You need to have some dual lands, Concealed Courtyard if possible, a tapped land if not. Might need to change out the 4x BB creatures you have so your mana base can be more balanced. Or switch them out for 2x Twilight Prophet. My opponents will kill those first if I'm even close to getting the city's blessing, above and beyond other threats on the field.

February 10, 2018 11:32 a.m.

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Wow! This is a trigger-heavy aggro deck. Really fun to play. Took it to FNM last night.

Round 1: Black red pirates. Indestructible vampires and anthem effects allowed me to race and keep up the pressure to a competitive 2-1 win. Missed opponent creature dying triggers for Yehenni made the matchup closer than it should have been. I was able to round the corner pretty good.

Round 2: BW control and cycle. Raced in under the first game and took it quickly. The second game took the rest of the round. I changed out almost complete aggro for my side board mid-range control side. He didn't run many creatures, so the elder dinosaur stayed in the side board. 2-0 win on turn 1 of 5 turns.

Round 3: BG constrictor. Raced game one and rolled opponent over. Game two, opponent went down to a five card hand, I missed at least one trigger creating a lifelink vampire, which combined with paying to keeping Adanto Vanguards for board state, he hit a gross line up of two or three constrictors back to back, while I drew into a flood. Game three, I had him on the ropes down to 4 life, started to top deck, and kept drawing lands. Had a Metallic Mimic land, and get killed with a Walking Ballista, only to play a second one, stick, then lead into two adanto vanguards. Swinging 8 apiece the next turn was pretty nice. I just could not quite beat his top decking.

Round 4: Red aggro. I kept a bad hand the first game, and got stuck on one land, not to see a second for 5 rounds. Deadly. Game two, went down to 6 cards, and went down with only three white sources in hand. Two fatal pushes in hand, a fumigate, and a yehenni, just not enough or the right mana. No more mana sources for 5 more cards deep. Felt like both me and my deck were tired from the previous round.

Very satisfying playing this deck.

February 10, 2018 11:20 a.m.




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