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Hi Stu do you mind going on competitive edh discord with me one time to help me with my deck. Appreciate!

January 8, 2018 3:54 a.m.

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Hey Oli4, sorry for the late answer. You don't want to run that Land, because it is a dead card pretty much always. The effect isn't super important, but a nice-to-have.

January 12, 2018 3:36 p.m.

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Hi Oli4, glad you like it so far. Concerning your questions:

  • This deck is not a classic reanimator deck. Having Razaketh in grave (Entomb, Intuition, Discard with Chains) plus a reanimate spell is just a quick way to end a game. In most cases though, Entomb grabs a Life from the Loam into the yard, and reanimate spells often get utility creatures or stuff from opponents.
  • Because of this reasoning, Thought Vessel is a helpful piece to the main plan: Play control. You don't want to discard cards, that will be handed back to you once you activate Tasigur. Also, as Thought Vessel taps for mana, it's somewhat useful for a IsoRev win. The card however is far from perfect, and I think I will test the new blue Elder Dinosaur in its place.
  • Now for the bad news: Chains of Mephistopheles is the card I actively tutor for the most besides my wincons. It is incredibly important against the majority of cEDH decks, because it limits resources of your opponents drastically. Therefore I see it as a mandatory piece of the deck.
  • Of course you can go with Notion Thief in it's place. He is, however, much more vulnerable and super expensive manawise. Also, I highly dislike running wheel effects, because without Thief, they just refill your opponents hands. So, those are dead cards to me, if there is no Thief on your side of the playfield.
January 8, 2018 9:20 a.m.

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Oh I forgot the other question:

  • Yes, I am talking about Nezahal (will edit my description, thanks). It appears to be a great target to Eldritch Evolution into/Reanimate, if you dont have the resources yet to close out the game with Razaketh. Also, unlike Jin-Gitaxias, it doesn't force your opponents to immediately focus all resources and cards into removing it, but just sits there, and will win the game for you. I didn't test it yet, so don't rely on my words. That's just my impression of the card.
January 6, 2018 10:05 a.m.

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As last time, all questions in order:

  • Necropotence wasn't too slow, but didn't do enough. Triple black was annoying to achieve, but possible. But it interferes with dredging from lftl and discarding to grave. Also, doesn't do what it does in storm "pay 30 life, win next turn", but draws 1-3 per turn while preventing me to draw normally.
  • Engineered Explosives was something I came up with when I still ran Tidespout Tasigur as my main deck, because the other builds rolled with Pernicious deed. There it served as a free bounce and superb removal. It still is amazing removal, because it mostly leaves your own board intact, while blowing out key pieces from your opponent(s). Also, good politics on the table will make your opponents help you kill each other with it. "Tasigur activation. Player B, if you give me back EE, I will use it on Sunburst 2 to kill the stax pieces of Player C."Next Turn do so, then ask Player C to help you wipe Player B. Works often, is fun, gets you ahead.
January 6, 2018 10:01 a.m.

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Ok, one by one:

  • Razaketh serves as the main winning line. As this deck does not aim for quick kills, it is fine to run Raz without much creatures, because your lands will serve as fodder for him anyways.
  • When Raz enters, I usually replay my Commander first (which usually still is only B) to start the sac line. If I have enough delve stuff, I even do that several times to dig up more protection with Raz. Then I go for Life//Death, play the Life part, tap my lands for mana and sac them to get IsoRev and enough rocks to go positive on mana. Then just replay Tasigur and do any of the loops.
  • Memory's Journey came in for the Timetwister. Its main use is to stop combo decks, yes. Let the reanimation player shuffle their Necrotic Ooze back in, if they target it with dread return, or stop the bomberman lines.
  • Riftsweeper has many uses, but mainly to protect my own win. One game out of five I either get one part of IsoRev exiled or the combo removed. I dont have a backup plan for infinite mana, so I put in the Sweeper. He stops some decks as well, yes, but this is rare. It also happens that I later want stuff that I exiled with the delve back in my deck :D
  • This deck is different from Hulk Tasigur as it does not seek any quick kills. Hulk requires a couple of slots that have little to no use outside of the combo; we only have Life//Death as a questionable card, but Death still is just a worse Reanimate. I have been playing all current Tasigur strategies, and this is the build I have the highest winrate on (which might just be my playstyle), so I have no doubt this can keep up easily.
January 6, 2018 3:44 a.m.






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