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I have a few answers:


I've had the most success with this list, for the simple reason that blossoms can act as ascendancy 5 through 7. It also makes the game one against attrition decks much better. It makes opponents removal worse and it makes it harder for them to prioritize their removal.

  1. If you have 2 ascendancies going and only one dork ou have to be on the damage plan. You're basically digging for dragon mantles so that you can increase your net mana to 3 and eventually cast another ascendancy. At some point you can slap a stratus walk and go to town. Otherwise you have to kind of luck out and net enough mana to burning anger in one shot. It's tough but not undoable.

  2. The mono red matchup has actually been favorable in testing. The thing is they usually are tapping out for threats turn 1 through 4. If they didn't goldfish a turn 4 kill you just untap and combo off, usually without having to worry about burn on the dorks.

Mono Black on the other hand is a nightmare, and I have about a 25 percent win rate against that deck. The triple one drop into removal hand is just too much to beat reliably.

  1. Don't maindeck removal spells in the constellation list. IF you feel like you need a retraction helix or 2 move over to this list and plug them in instead of maybe the presences.

I think the courser decks will show up in anticipation of the red decks week one. I don't subscribe to the notion that everyone will play aggro week one, as there's a good 30 percent of magic players that will never touch an aggro deck and prefer slower styles of gameplay. If a control mage shows up with mono red you might be getting a few points against them anyway because they are out of their comfort zone.

  1. I've tested act on impulse in the spells version to decent success. It's insane mid storm, but obviously doesn't dig very well. I've tried twinflame as the win condition, but prefer burning anger because all my lists play insight or commune. I've tested helix in the mainboard and actually really liked it. I'm sure there's a list somewhere that really wants the helix win condition, but I can't get around having to play some sort of mill card to find ascendancies reliably.

I've thought about testing fate fortold, as it discourages removal a little bit. I also don't think I've found the right balance of delve spells in the spell version yet. Both treasure cruise AND dig through time are just unbelievably good, but I'm sure one is better than the other. I'm leaning towards treasure cruise because of it being mana positive with 2 dorks out.

I hope that helps a little bit, and let me know how your fnm's and other big tourneys go so that I can get feedback on the deck and get a feel for where it is in the meta.

September 24, 2014 1:09 p.m.

NinjaTheNick says... #2

The formatting on my post got really messed up by tapped out, but I was trying to answer your questions in order by relisting them to you. So just pretend the post is numbered 1-5

September 24, 2014 1:11 p.m.

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