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I would disagree with some of the previous commentators with some personal experience with playing a few months of atla palani. High cmc creature curve isn't as big of an issue in this deck as compared to another naya deck like dinosaurs. You're using your commander to cheat creatures into play without paying more than 2 mana. The big things that stall this deck out are eating too much targeted removal on your commander or not having consistent ways of cracking your eggs open. My original deck draft had a ton of populate and token doubler effects because i envisioned a forest of eggs and cracking them all at once. Generally you don't leave your eggs up long because then you're inviting someone to kill atla and board wipe leaving you with nothing. So focus on protection effects like giving her hexproof on equipment or through instants and collecting altars, sac outlets like birthing pod, goblin bombardment and spawning pool, and pingers like blasting zone, thornbite staff, endbringer. As fun as the kiki jiki combo is don't use it unless you're going to commit to it by using them as your only creatures. If you just toss them in there as part of the pack you're seldom going to have them on the board together. If you commit to the combo have them as the only creatures and use atla as a consistent tutor. Craterhoof i found wasn't a super good fit because you won't often cast it but drag it out randomly and its a huger bummer when its only buffing some changlings or its your first egg crack. The game winners for me are the Mirror entity loop combos with goblin bombardment/purphuros/altar of dementia/terrastondon (if you don't think people should have mana sources because you're some type of monster). Having an early hamletback goliath or sunscorch regent grow out of control. Urbrask enabling haste makes you a threat at any time. Gisela, the praetors, it that betrays, and void winnower can make life hell for everyone else and swing games quickly. My advice is to figure out the path you want to win and commit your deck to it; if its a combo deck put in your 2-3 creatures and fill the deck with burn to make sure the eggs die quick, if you're building defensive egg for be prepared to bring tons of interaction while you build, if you're going super timmy like I did only include creatures that you'd be excited to see hatch and swing for the fences. trying to everything isn't a good strategy in my opinion.

March 27, 2020 1:36 a.m.


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