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Trying to build Legacy Reanimator! Help me out?

NB: Stoneforge Mystic promo is coming up as $80 for some reason. It's $14.

I trade using TCG Market Price unless there's a convincing reason not to, like a NM card in a mostly HP market.

Many of my cards have wear from being played or being in old boxes. I tried to register most of the ones with noticeable wear but I will ALWAYS provide pics on request or if I think the card warrants a review first!

I have TONS of commons/uncommons from Shadowmoor and many from Lorwyn and Future Sight so if you have something from that set that isn't listed, ask me and I'll go looking for it. I've listed the most played / most $$ ones!

I also have multiples of most of the Slivers in my collection, including a bunch of HP foils from the Sliver pre-con. Just ask.

I LOVE BLOODBRAID ELF. I will always trade for it. I also LOVE Invocations so if you have any and are interested in trading let me know!

Happy to trade for foreign-language cards, though I only value Korean and Russian at higher than English prices.

And if I can find cheap cards that go in decks you're building I'll usually throw em in :)


Entirety of From the Vault: Lore

Entirety of From the Vault: Angels

Most of From the Vault: Realms

Most of From the Vault: 20

Some cards from Premium Deck Series Slivers

I have also had successful trades with:


Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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