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HackSlice, thanks for the feedback, but I think you got the wrong idea about the deck. This is not a burn deck, it's more like a midrange/control stuff. I do not run Thoughtseize or fetches/shocks because my budget is not that great and I'm trying to make this deck as cheap and functional as possible. As for the PW suggestions, I really liked them, specially Huatli, Warrior Poet and I'll try to find a place for her. Thanks!

September 19, 2017 9:03 a.m.

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Nice suggestion, I'll consider Tidehollow Sculler, but if I main It I'll have to cut down Waste Not... Gonna do some tests, thanks.

September 7, 2017 1:20 p.m.

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Pieguy396 thanks, I was just adding stuff to the sideboard without thinking haha. Added Anger of the Gods to the sideboard and removed the Sin Collectors. However I think Despise is a good side option if the opponent has a creature oriented deck, so I'll keep it for now. Thanks for the support!

September 7, 2017 12:36 p.m.

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KrusaderV2, thank you so much for the feedback, I'm really grateful with your help. Now on to the business:

Added 3 Waste Not to help us fuel up our hands.

Added 2 Canyon Slough for cycling late game.

Added 2 Young Pyromancer for token creation and drop 2 plays, just like Waste Not.

I did not include Athreos, God of Passage because I think his function here is only to punish the opponent if Zurgo gets killed, and we can extract more Utility from our spells with the Fire Guy.

What's your opinion?

September 7, 2017 10:57 a.m.

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KrusaderV2 thanks for the the suggestions! I've changed the Terminate for Mardu Charm and I'm testing it right now. Moved 2 of the Sin Collector to sideboard and added 2 Painful Truths to main. Let's see how it works now.

September 6, 2017 10:37 a.m.






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