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Not sure how crazy you want to take Arcum, but I pieced together a crazy deck based on his tutoring. Obviously some of the cards don't need to be foiled and such which will cut the price down dramatically, but the general primer is there. It has a turn 1 win, but most always in play testing will go off on 3 or 4.


It's got infinite mana through graveyard recursion with Paradox Engine and a couple cards like Junk Diver. Walking Ballista is in there for that mana. Reservoir for days. It's got the Disk/Lattice/Forge combo.

October 3, 2017 1:24 p.m.



Modern* Webcowboy

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Godly - Work In Progress

Commander / EDH* Webcowboy


Arcum Paradox

Commander / EDH Webcowboy

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