I am Black/Green

I've been playing Magic for about a decade or so, give or take a few centuries. Unlike the majority of Magic players anymore, I dropped out of competitive several years ago, so I play mostly Casual and I'm more in it for fun than watching the same regurgitated decks trade blows at a Grand Prix. I consider myself a decent builder, but more of a creative mind, thus many of my decks evolve as new sets are released or my idea for the deck changes.

Usually if you comment on one of my decks, I will respond out of courtesy. I try to be as considerate to others as I would like to have consideration given to me. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Despite my results in the personality test, I am fluent in and share kinship with all colors, so I enjoy every variety of deck ranging from Red Deck Wins and Suicide Black to Mono Blue Control and Superfriends, leaving me with no set favorite style. I love most creative decks that risk efficiency for the sake of flavour or even lols (like a Kobolds of Kher Keep deck). Magic was made by college guys for entertainment, so why not have some wacky variations of things to entertain? I certainly consider that more valuable than being a Spike. Listen to your inner Timmy and play Darksteel Colossus or your inner Johnny and play Squee, Goblin Nabob ! Build whatever it is you love and let nothing stop you from getting the most enjoyment out of your craft.

The decks on my profile all share a theme in their names, and there's a reason for that. In my spare time I like to write, and Magic is a fun multiverse in which to tell stories, so my decks have stories pertaining to them. If you would be so kind, take a look and enjoy! These stories are purely for fun, and if I can tell you a story that keeps you entertained for ten minutes, then that's good enough for me.


Tale of Redemption: The Overlords of Metal

Casual* Vulnoth


Tale of Inspiration: The Heir to Shadows

Casual* Vulnoth


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