I remember seeing MTG for the first time in 1994 as two friends were playing, but I really didn't get it back then. I was especially confused that you had to "tap" cards (which did NOT mean tapping on the card and expecting it to do something on its own - ah, early teenagehood...).

I finally picked up the game at M13, as I had a bit more disposable income by then. By then, I had been taught by friends the basics of the game. Since then, I've found great people with whom to play and had to learn VERY fast, because I got trounced facing decks out of my league. I'm pretty lucky to have had friends who let me sift through their unused cards, which explains why I have pre-M13 cards as well.

Most of my decks are made with what I have when I get boxes and that's it. I rarely buy specific cards, unless I want to make a new concept. I love having themes rather than just "strong decks".

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