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Vasbear1's Binder

So my Want's List is built some what funny for Tappedout.

What i did is include all versions of so of the cards I'm looking for in hopes to increase connections to other people's binders. for example my Wants List has both the Rise from the Eldrazi and the Modern Masters 2015 versons of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth on the list. This is becuase I Am working to foil out my Gisela and Her Loyal Legion Commander Deck.

Also included on this list is a pile of Promo cards that can be used to create the Legacy deck of Death and Taxes, my local group has challeneged my to convert it to as many promos (From the Vault cards count) as possisable. Turns out 51 of the 75, and 47 of the 60 can be!

Update 10/15/17: Added Foil Commons and Uncommons

I Would Like to keep the fallowing three Cards together as a set: Animation Module + Fabrication Module + Decoction Module

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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