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Vasbear1's Binder

So my Want's List is built somewhat funny for Tappedout.

What I did is include all versions of so of the cards I'm looking for in hopes to increase connections to other people's binders. For example my Wants List has both the Zendikar and the Modern Masters 2017 versons of Arid Mesa on the list. This is becuase I'm working on foiling out my Gisela and Her Loyal Legion Commander Deck. So if there is a case where I don't care what version I trade for I listed all of the versions I would accept.

I will be working hard to keep the comments section of my trade binder clear of clutter. Meaning that once a trade has been completed or canceled I will be removing comments related to those trades. If you have any questions, please post or message me!

Update 11/13/17: Updated to be accurate to all of the past trades I have made through 11/12/17.

I Would Like to keep the fallowing three Cards together as a set: Animation Module + Fabrication Module + Decoction Module

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
Card Has Wants Set TCG Price Matches Rarity Format Type Subtype Color

Last Update: 8 months ago

+1 Mana Confluence want
+1 Chaos Warp want
+2 Mirran Crusader want
+1 Enlightened Tutor want
+1 Lapse of Certainty want
+2 Path to Exile want
+1 Umezawa's Jitte want
+1 Inspiring Vantage want
+1 Reflecting Pool want
+1 Command Beacon want
+4 Phyrexian Revoker want
+1 Sword of Fire and Ice want
+1 Reveillark want
+1 Wastes want
+1 Sword of Light and Shadow want
+1 Mentor of the Meek want
+1 Eldrazi Displacer want
+1 Aegis of the Gods want
+1 Sun Titan want
+4 Phyrexian Revoker want
and 143 other change(s)

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