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Hi Argy! Would you kindly help me see how I may improve my deck against high aggro (Mono-red, Merfolk) that's prevalent around my area?

Esper Gift Standard

Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you!

March 8, 2018 1:48 a.m.

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Hey magicsheep, thanks for your comment!

Seekers' Squire is usually a 2/3 about 60% of the time, and if not, gives me the ability to either toss a creature I don't need into the graveyard or to hold it at the top in order to draw it the next turn, or thins my deck by immediately drawing me a land. This also lets me hold my ground against aggro while I dig for Gate to the Afterlife (which in turn will result in God-Pharaoh's Gift being played). Refurbish only does something if God-Pharaoh's Gift flies into the graveyard, which would have meant that I have it in my hand... 1/30 chance. It's a redundant card if God-Pharaoh's Gift isn't in the graveyard. However, I understand that it might work in a deck with rapid digging (i.e. Strategic Planning, Chart a Course ), but that's not the flavour of this specific Esper Gift!

Vraska's Contempt and Hour of Glory are fine replacements for Lost Legacy. It's a slightly budget deck (as shown with the lack of The Scarab God ) and Vraska's Contempt is quite expensive. Good insight!

Negate and Spell Pierce might sound interchangeable, but since you're fighting against Control (when you sub in Negate), you rarely want to allow the opponent to have a leeway out by paying excess mana (which is typical of Control to play their spells on your turn).

March 5, 2018 11:08 a.m.


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