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Tiddilywinkus's Binder

All of the cards i have are in near mint condition except for various few cards, of which i will state if someone is interested. Some of the cards are in a different language, promos, or just refuse to work when i put in their actual set. Basically i will tell you if there are any differences in the card that i have and the card that you are expecting

Currently The biggest priority cards for me in order are:

Anything in my wants


Cards I have that are different than others

Falkenrath Marauders - Heavily Played

Carnival Hellsteed - Chinese Traditional


As some additive information i am new to the trading system on this particular site and would love to become a more ingrained and trusted member of the trading community. After all i want cards and you want cards so if we can trade it's a win win! I look forward to any interactions in the future.


I vouch for the following people and that i have complete trades with each one.

Valentine35 , TwistedMoonlight , yourfavouritesquid , LoneCrusader399 , Chuff_Bucket , abdulbaqr , BoshJurke , SpiritBear9000 , Krayhaft , PrecintSix6Six , addaff, TheAnnihilator , GeminiSpartanX , NoPantsParade , quesobueno123 , TheSPerKid , Pieguy396


DO NOT TRADE WITH: TelleoStar - I sent my stuff, never received on my end and has since cut off contact - do not trade with

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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