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I started playing Magic: The Gathering in the Spring of 2000. My Dad had a large box stuffed with assorted cards from Alpha - Ice Age. He made 2 identical decks for my sister and I which were roughly 70 - 80 cards and all 5 colors. They functioned with only basic lands, after about a month my sister quit and gave me her cards. My first official unopened pack was the Sixth Edition Starter Pack, with a Serra Angel on the front.

I took a short hiatus from MTG shortly after, since I had nobody to play with, all the while picking up boosters from a nearby candy shop that happened to sell cards. They had Invasions, Nemesis, 7th Edition, Mercadian Masques, Apocalypse- the list goes on... And I happily bought from them until the stopped selling boosters in Fifth Dawn. During this time (a course of 4-5 years) I amassed a collection and had attended a few Type 2 FNMs, but a friend of mine quit and when that happened, I had very few people to play games with... So I continued buying packs from 8th, 9th, 10th Editions, Kamigawa, Lorwyn, Ravnica Blocks, wherever I could find packs but not constructing any decks, just cracking packs for that freshly printed/new card smell.

I took a long break and returned to MTG when Alara was in rotation, during Scars of Mirrodin. I picked up Zendikar, (few)Alara and tons of Scars of Mirrodin and played local events until New Phyrexia released, then I quit again because I moved.

I bought M12, M13 sparingly, until Khans of Tarkir, where I returned to the game and have been here since. I'm glad I kept up with sets to this point as this game has been very pivotal in my social life.

I'm never plan to quit or take a break again, as I regret my time away from this game over the years. This game is a part of my roots and some of my favorite memories with friends.

My first home brew was a wacky "Tap" deck I called "The Annoying Paralysis" that utilized many tap-out spells and lockdowns, but I never finished it, even to this day.

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aeonstoremyliver I'm sure there are more functional mana bases, however my aim was to build a 12-Post Tron deck, utilizing this exact mana base. This is what I came up with, after much thought and deliberation. Thanks for the input, though! Much appreciated.

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Proliferate Tron

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The Millyard

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I've Made A Grave Mistake

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