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Yeah I win some games vs some players just because I’m doing things with my mana every turn. Having little creatures like oracle/strix are never bad in a game. Gives you a cantrip early helping dig for lands, chump blocks early vs aggressive decks/Voltron, also one of the main reason I run them also is for Pod fodder. Late game 2 mana is nothing to just cycle them away digging for bombs and answers. Also brainstorm is amazing and I think underrated in EDH.


  1. Birthing pod is kinda the secret commander of this deck. So probably I tutor for it 80% of the time the first chance I get. Unless I need to use my first tutor for cards to help set up my mana or need an emergency board wipe or something to stop a combo.
  2. I play Pod as soon as possible and only when I’m able to activate it the turn I play it. Never turn three unable to sac something or never when there are no creatures out. I need to at least get one activation off before opponents get a shot to kill it. I’m never too worried for it to get destroyed because the deck does a lot without it and I can witness it back later. But when the Pod gets 3-4 turns unanswered it gets so much value it’s usually game over.
  3. Some pod decks use pod to just combo off. This build is just to grind people out and tutor up answers. In a way it does just win the game but it’s mostly for value/answers. When I have pod out I usually can find an answer for anything on my turn with just a couple creatures out at different CMCs.
July 2, 2019 2:54 p.m.




BUG Birthing Pod Toolbox Control

Commander / EDH T12H

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