Please make sure you understand the Guidelines to Trading

Swamy's Binder

Double check with me about sets if, I didn't input the set instead I just let the site put the newest one so it won't be accurate.

This is a list of everything in my physical binder, as such not everything is up for trade, or has gone into decks, or it is up for trade for particular cards. That being said, don't hesitate to ask for anything as my mood might change from week to week.

I am not putting in multiple's of cards as I just go through the binder and look at the top card and put it in unless they are higher end or staples, e.g I might have 3 Lashwrithe but I'll only put in one due to it being low end $ wise.

I only trade for english. I prefer non foil cards.

Good traders: sharkhunter66, WovenNebula, Three-Left-Feet, mckin, user:Caraculiambro, ryuzaki32667(Very patient with me A+ trader), user:droxium, actiontech, gnarlicide

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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-1 Kismet want
-1 City of Solitude want
+1 Hour of Promise want