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Dedicated Esper player.

I'm a huge fan of Myth Realized and determined to make the card work in modern with my brew Mythseize.

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Hello! To begin with Id like to thank you for the feature! It means a lot when people express their interested in the list, as its something Ive been working on for quite some time. Feel free to play it whenever! I appreciate when people give credit or promote the deck of course.

If I understand you correctly youd like to make a budget version to begin with, and it shouldnt cost more than 100 euros.

I think the manabase is worth investing in as the keywords - discard, sweepers, fuel and removal - can be substituted relatively cheap. Concealed Courtyard and check lands will make the manabase much better. Also two Shambling Vents will serve you well.

Agur of Bolas is a cool idea. You could probably utilize Wall of Omens instead, but test Agur and see how it performs. Id get rid of the Oblivion Rings and add some spot removal instead - Doom Blade etc. Id also up the Mana Leak count to four. Unsummon should be unnecessary. Id rather run a playset of Opt or add a mix of Thought Scour and Gurmag Angler. Remand could be a consideration in these slots as well - not too expensive now.

Hope this helps.

December 26, 2017 4:15 p.m.

Hey Spotred! I'm a huge fan of your Esper Mythseize deck, and would REALLY REALLY like to play it in tournament (if you're ok with that of course). However, I can afford the full deck yet. Then, I'd like to make a "budget" one and upgrade it later. Would you have some advice or suggestions to do that?

Thanks for making this deck, I LOVE it!

PS: Here's a 1st prototype of deck I made. I think I will eventualy keep something like 100 euros (I'm in France) so I can still improve it.

December 26, 2017 2:33 p.m.

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Heretic_Dragoon that sounds about right. Theres no matchup (except Tron) where I feel that my chances are too slim, and there arent any decks thats an auto win for me either. A win feels deserved and the deck rewards you for knowing its inns and outs - which is why I enjoy it so much.

Modifications are fine. Honestly, with the sideboard Ill always recommend tailoring it for you meta! Ally and Geist has crossed my mind multiple times, especially Geist in the sideboard. So Im glad that it works out for you. I know someone else whos tweaking the list and the person ran him main deck. Worship is great, but its personal spice and not a must include in the SB.

January 10, 2018 1:12 a.m.


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