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Dedicated player with a splash for Lingering Souls.

I'm a huge fan of Myth Realized and determined to make the card work in modern with my brew Countermyth.

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dehuan yeah, there is no point denying that. However I'm not sure if I like the "discard the mathup mentality" - though I'm aware that it is a viable strategy. It's worth to take a look on the deck and see whether or not you dilute the game plan by improving those matchups.

I'm curious about our lists. I went to your profile and saw that you're running a more creature oriented approach with Geist and Tasigur. If this is your shell I can see the appeal in CB as it lets you pitch excessive Geists and fuel delve for Tasigur. Which is sweet.

In comparison my list is built with Myth Realized in mind. I haven't got the time to write down the theory, but Failure / Comply has potential in my configuration. First of it's a fine target to pitch with Liliana's plus ability. Secondly it counts as two spells which allows me to buff Myth twice. Finally it can "counter" through Cavern of Souls which is nice. Also the aftermath part can buy a turn versus Storm, stop Ancestral Visions or delay a threat - buying time for hand disruption or discard through Liliana / Esper Charm.

Haven't been able to test it enough. But I do hear you on CB. If I compare those two in my shell, I can see the appeal of having a stronger game versus Burn, Affinity & company decks. F/C on the other hand improves my combo & big mana mu's. Decisions..

May 4, 2017 1:52 a.m.

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dehuan yeah, it's really the glue in tap-out Esper. Brutality is nice but I think it depends on the meta. If you face lots of burn / aggro it's good. But in my case Tron / Eldrazi is rampanta matchup where Brutality is dead, so I'd rather have access to a counterspell of some sort.

May 3, 2017 5:40 a.m.





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