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Still really new to adding decks to my profile even though I have one that is finished and in the process of finishing. I really love casual format and highlander game modes the most. I don't remember how to tag cards because of how long it's been since I was on here so I won't mention any at the moment. Any advice, help or criticism is appreciated.

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Said on Birth of Dragons...


This deck will soon become a Highlander/Casual format deck that will be also set up to be an EDH deck. It's going to take a while to update it and is still going to be based on dragons mainly four of the five Elder dragons from M19 set as well as other cards from a variety of blocks focusing on the new lore introduced. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I'm sure you can guess what Elder Dragon isn't going to be part of this deck. Arcades, the Strategist is the card that won't be going in this deck.

July 30, 2018 3:49 p.m.






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