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Well actually Languish :-D. If I were to choose from those three, I would go for Black Sun's Zenith. It may be too mana expensive for only 19 lands, but it is the most flexible one and the other two can hurt you more than your opponents if you have a bunch of 2/2 tokens.If you think it is worth it, I would assume Cabal Coffers is more important. Urborg does not seem to do much if you only have 1 non-Swamp land.

February 7, 2017 5:26 a.m.

Said on No Hand, Just ......


I would take out some copies of Blackmail, Raven's Crime and Inquisition of Kozilek. In a multiplayer game with your cards, cards like Tasigur's Cruelty and Delirium Skeins can hit harder as they hit every opponenent. Necrogen Mists works as well.

And I think exchanging Bloodchief Ascension with Shrieking Affliction would be a good idea. It makes being empty handed just as bad as keeping cards in the hand that get discarded.

You could also kick out your other creatures and rely on Innocent Blood, Smallpox/Pox and Noetic Scales. But thats totally up to your preference.

February 2, 2017 5:03 p.m.


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