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Only rule is it's someone I feel could use a bit more attention now in no particular order:

Jimmy_Chinchila - Damn this guy is cool, his decks have flavour and function weaved beautifully, and is great at suggestions.

hardhitta71194 - Honestly just great to talk to, every deck of his is casual and a rap head if you're into that.

Kiortio - Nicest guy I've ever traded with, large binder, really flexible and cool.

Argeaux - Although I may not agree with some politics, Argeaux is a hilarious brewer with consistently charting decks that refuse to pander, a fellow worshiper of Our Eager Lord, if you are newer to the game or just want to improve, listen to why she includes or excludes certain cards.

Cloudchaser.Kestrel - White is my least favourite colour of mana, and his favourite... despite that he is a killer Vorthos player, just check out a deck by this guy.

berryjon - Pretty okay for an Old Fogey I guess. In all seriousness read Pattern Recognition now.

Femme_Fatale & Raging_Squiggle - These two occupy the same space simply for both almost always bringing something to a conversation on a forum, constantly intriguing even if you disagree eith their position.

The7thBobba - An excellent example of a casual who can go HAM, in fact I'm gonna check out this guy's profile again myself, just do the same.

EpicFreddi - Pretty much the average kickass T/O user, not to say he's just typical, but he's just very good at being cool.

Wurmlover His name says it all, the guy LOVES his legacy Merfolk deck.

So many users I want to add!! I'll have to cycle this on a weekly basis to get them all in! If you like this and would enjoy a more in-depth version, I'd consider writing a weekly article to spotlight users if there is interest.

I create decks, write on forums, try to help others build decks and occasionally edit an article. There's also more garbage in the accordion below but that's a lot of words.

I also compile Tolarian Community College's decks, the list of ALL his deck techs can be found here.

I am an aggressively casual jank crusader who will defend the budget and believes a good game of Commander lasts at least 90 minutes. I play politics with the utmost honesty, chaos is wonderful and Temur will always be the best colors for Commander. A lot of my (Comander) decks have a high average CMC and few lands, this is partially because my playgroups uses partials and mostly because I prefer big dumb plays to a deck that consistently works. According to Mark Rosewater and his fanboys I am a Johnny/Timmy Vorthos. Honestly I am just an avid deckbuilder and will jump at a challenge or to help someone, I am liable to spend hours on gatherer looking up every legal 1 drop creature, and I like to think it shows.

My five favourite colour combinations are






My favourite card of each colour are


I had a bit of trouble choosing for white, eventually Aurification won me over, I **need** to build a gold tribal deck with this and King Macar, the Gold-Cursed

Hidden Strings

This was the card that made blue a colour I play. It's ramp, tempo, aggro, control, it's so versatile!! The midrange blue game got real when Aqueous Form came out, that was a good time.

Possibility Storm

When I got some of my first Magic cards for Christmas I opened all of the packs with my brother (I needed someone to play with) and he took cards like Darksteel Plate and Preordain, I took possibility storm, every time it resolved I won due to Gruul craziness. He would get pissed tooo! I never understood, he used Conundrum Sphinx.

Hellcarver Demon

This card is just the second best demon in the game. Barring Rakdos the Defiler this has the best drawback in the game, this spot almost went to Lich but as much immortality is nice, casting my library is so much better, I am not a huge fan of Zendikar, but I'd draft the block just for a chance to pull this.

Genesis Wave

I was going to put a creature here, it's the creatures that make green my favourite colour, but a card that plays all my creatures is just too badass.
Eh, more colour combinations

Gruul Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

Simic Biovisionary

Golgari Garruk, Apex Predator


Boros Iroas, God of Victory





Rakdos Rakdos the Defiler

"Eternal Tyranny", "Take MY Crown!", "Chaos Elemental", "The Defiler", & "Angels, and Birds, and Sphinxs oh my!" are projects of mine for casual games that I am incrementally improving with a mild budget (at the moment they collectevly cost ~$600 which is a price I am okay with) and an emphasis on a fun, flavourful deck. Each one will have it's own playstyle, and a very different overall aesthetic than the others.

Oddly enough three of these decks include despite ot being a colour I'm not a huge fan of and include my favourite colour only once.

My favourite planes are Fiora, Alara, Tarkir, Lorwyn/Shadowmore, and New Phyrexia. Sarkhan Vol is definitely my favourite MTG character and planeswalker. I will try to give at least one 'Good Suggestion' for every day I use the site, so far I have been beating that which is nice.
My life outside of Magic (someone's laughing at the thought of that right now) I enjoy to write stories, songs, to draw. I frequently create work I loathe and rarely find value in it. I am often experiencing existentialist angst despite my general contentment. I like to think I am a music and film buff, and I have been known to dabble in philosophy and sciences.

I love a ridiculous casual combo and magic was never better than in middle school with my friend Wyatt. I always love suggestions on any of my decklists considering a mild budget (under $300) and unless otherwise stated a focus on fun interaction. I will happily look at any deck if you feel I could help, just send it to me or post it below.

Magic has taught me many things, most importantly the card Warrior's Oath taught me that "You don't loose if you've already won"


Take My Crown!

Commander / EDH Simon_Williamson


Yes, I can tutor about half of my deck.

Commander / EDH Simon_Williamson


Eternal Tyranny

Commander / EDH Simon_Williamson


The Cheese's Banned Alone

Commander / EDH* Simon_Williamson


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