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Sergal's Binder

My trade binder

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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-3 Leyline of Sanctity want
-1 Midnight Banshee have
-1 Hero of Goma Fadafoil icon have
-2 Mana Leak have
-2 Munda, Ambush Leader have
-2 Crumble to Dust have
-2 Painful Quandary have
-2 Heartless Summoning have
-1 Sharuum the Hegemon have
-1 Corpseweft have
-1 Liliana's Caress have
-4 Memnite have
-1 Anticipatefoil icon have
-4 Assault Formation have
-1 Everflowing Chalicefoil icon have
-3 March from the Tomb have
-1 Lotleth Troll have
-1 Forbidding Watchtowerfoil icon have
-3 Necroskitter have
-1 Grim Haruspex have
and 45 other change(s)