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SP3CTR3_chelts's Binder

Hi All,

I am new to trading on tapped out but not new to tapped out. If you want validation I have previously used both ebay and pucca trade and can provide you with links.

Simply enough I am looking for things on the want column and have the things on the want column. I have a lot more standard rares and stuff but the list changes to frequently so please ask? I also might want standard cards that are not on the list as well.

I'm not bothered about set info I have tried to ensure my have list is correct but if you are bothered please check.

The vast majority of cards have either been sleeved or in a binder or both since pack. the only cards that i think are not excellent or better are the two Limited Edition Alpha cards which i can send pictures of (I'm not great at grading cards but they have certainly got signs of play)

I live in the UK so if you don't I would prefer only larger trades due to the shipping cost.

Thanks for reading!

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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