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Hey there! Congrats on choosing the best commander of them all :D

[cracks knuckles] Let's get started! ;)

  • Manglehorn is good, but I like ol' Reclamation Sage a little better. At least in my playgroup, I find the option to remove an enchantment is very valuable. You will, of course, lose the second ability of Horn, but honestly I think it's worth the swap.

  • She may be a little slow for you, but I think every Claw player should consider Sakashima the Impostor. Copying Ezuri is just bonkers, with each creature giving you two experience, and having your counters distributed twice each combat. Value! She can, of course, copy anything else. But usually, your general is the target.

  • Also a little slow but extremely effective is Cultivator of Blades. She was mentioned earlier by someone else, so I wonn't go into too much detail. If you decide not to include her, then you should consider Wild Beastmaster. I feel that card is far inferior, but its cmc may be more pleasing to you.

  • Especially in your aggressive build, Champion of Lambholt needs to be included. This card is simply bonkers! He will get surprisingly big. And yes, most of your creatures already have evasion. However, some do not - and it's never a bad thing to have a little redundancy in EDH.

  • Speaking of aggro, you should consider Invisible Stalker. Dump some counters on this guy, and you've got yourself a threat that can only be dealt with by wiping the board. This is good for two reasons. The obvous one is that he will likely stick around for a while and, with Ezuri's help, deliver some serious damage. The second and less obvious reason is that he can draw out your opponent's boardwipes. Even if your opponent has a hefty board presence, they will be tempted to destroy/exile/bounce everything, just to make sure the aren't being stalked by some invisible creep.

  • Defense of the Heart is a stellar card, but is perhaps less effective in this aggressive, non-toolbox meta. Still, something to consider.

  • You currently run Hidden Herbalists. Now, I have not seen your deck in action, but I feel that it may not work as well as something else could. Take, for example, Fertilid. This guy is crazy good. Reusable ramp is great, and you can use it the turn he comes out. Yes, it is one more mana (I'm having a hard time suggesting things that are more aligned to your curve xD), but his effect is more reliable and can even fetch you an Island, if you're hurting for blue.

  • I know Doubling Season is not out of your budget (cough Gaea's Cradle cough cough), but it may be a little high of a mana cost for you. If so, I would recommend running Hardened Scales. It doesn't seem that flashy, but in the early game, the aggro player's realm, this is a powerhouse of a card.

  • He doesn't play with counters very much, but Trygon Predator is one of the most powerful creatures Simic has to offer. Artifact/enchantment removal that can trigger every combat is just stupid good.

  • Something else that doesn't synergize with counters, yet is very valuable indeed, is Abundance. I can't tell you how many times this card has won games for me, and I suspect it would be even better for you. Starved for mana? You're guaranteed a land. Flooded? Never fear: lands are no longer part of the equation. If you're still not convinced, I don't blame you. This is a card that can be hard to grasp until it is seen in action. However, there is a reason why every Naturalize-ish effect my opponents play will target this.

  • You have a hefty (and expensive cough cough) counterspell package, but not much by way of removal. Some good cards I would recommend: Beast Within, Pongify, Rapid Hybridization, and Reality Shift, which is especially good against decks that are light on creatures. I've seen Reality Shift take out a Mizzix of the Izmagnus and manifest a Capsize, effectively removing that card from the game. In addition, Nature's Claim is great for artifacts/enchantments. The lifegain is negligible, and seeing the one green mana in the corner is a thing of beauty :)

  • You mentioned putting in Panharmonicon, but I don't see it in your list. Was it too slow for you? I have found that card to be utterly and completely broken in my build. With it out, along with Ezuri and Sakashima the Impostor, when i cast Cultivator of Blades or Whirler Rogue, I get One creature, Four tokens, and TWENTY experience counters. I don't know how effective it will be for you, but i would certainly playtest it, if you haven't already.

I share because I care! You told me your deck would be far different than I expected and uhyup, it was! But it is a fun, innovative, and seemingly effective build. Props be unto you, my friend! Make it a good one! :)

July 24, 2017 10:27 a.m.

@allastocata - The reason I have Viridian Joiner in the maybeboard rather than Gyre Sage is because I have played many games where I was able to put out Sage, but I had other cards on the field that were more deserving of counters. Note that Gyre Sage will only produce mana if it has counters. Now, it is likely to evolve, but probably no more than twice. Contrarily, Viridian Joiner taps for mana equal to its power, not its counters. This means that it will definitely tap for at least one mana. I could give it counters to increase the yield, of course... but it also combos with cards such as Cultivator of Blades for second main phase shenanigans. For those reasons, I feel it is worth the one extra mana. Hope that answers your question :)

@Hipparchos - Thank you! I'm constantly looking for ways to improve it, so it is likely to change as new sets are released or as past treasures resurface.

@Erastaroth_The_Duchess_of_Hell - I shall never give up on Ezuri, Claw of Progress! His 2015 precon was how I got into Commander, and now it's hands-down my favorite format. Thank you for your kind words! I like to think that I've managed to trim the fat; this list is pretty lean, and every card has earned its place in the list. I've also tried to make it fun and interactive. Could I run counterspells? Sure, but I like to see my opponents get their cards out on the field. I'd be happy to give your list a gander! :D

July 24, 2017 9:22 a.m.


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