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Pieguy396's Binder

Hello! Welcome to my binder!

I'm always willing to look through other binders, so feel free to ask!

I have $10 and $15 Apple/iTunes gift cards for "sale". I'll give you a $15 card for $11 worth of trades, or a $10 card for $7 worth of trades.

I'm generally not picky about what version of a card you send, so if you see a card in my wants list that you have a different version of, I'll most likely still be willing to trade for it, although I strongly prefer the post-8th Edition (i.e. Modern) card frame.

If you want to trade with me, but don't quite have as much value as the cards you're asking for, I will pretty much always take Battle for Zendikar, Amonkhet, or Hour of Devastation full-art lands for $0.10 - $0.20 apiece, depending on type and art. I will also take Unstable lands for $1.50 - $2.50, depending on type.

If you have fewer than 10-15 completed trades, depending on the value of said trades, I may ask you to send your cards before I send mine, just as a precaution against getting scammed.

I'm always interested in shocklands or fetchlands, even ones not listed, so feel free to offer them if I have stuff you want.

Conversely, I'm a little reluctant to trade my shocklands and fetchlands in trades where I don't get shocklands or fetchlands in return. Feel free to offer, though be aware that I might decline.

The Champion of Wits and Brutal Expulsion are both Prerelease promos.

I have had good trading experiences with everybody on my completed trades list, with special shoutouts to canterlotguardian, Kiortio, gosora, rockleemyhero, fireborne1986, hwagner, C4rnif3X, and abby315 for particularly good trading experiences.

Hope you find something you like, and have an excellent day! :)

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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