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Oloro_Magic's Binder

Due to my current schedule I am not able to ship cards very quickly (only a couple days a week). Sorry for any inconvenience.

All cards on my have list are either mint or light play; the binder doesn't represent my full collection or even all my value cards.

Living in Canada and willing to ship to U.S.A

Currently looking to upgrade some mana bases and thusly looking for fetches and shocks of any condition that people are willing to part with, other than that my wants are always walkers and the things listed.

I am always willing to look through binders if asked. I accept full-arts from any set (outside Swamps) as filler in a trade at US$0.50 to $1.00 depending on the art.

Also accept Sigardian Priest's at US$0.25 in filler as I collect them.

In terms of commons and uncommons, if it is from Theros I probably have it.

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<h3>The Verdant Catacombs in my binder belongs to my friend who is open to offers for it. He is lazy and hasn't given me a want list but feel free to make any offers. For reference he is currently building mardu in;h3>

I collect planeswalkers and angels, and if you ever have Higure, the Still Wind or Signal Pest I will always love you.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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