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I started playing in October of 2011 and played standard till Return to Ravnica. I started drifting away from standard and found EDH. I fell in love.

I rarely venture outside of EDH when it comes to magic, but it has been known to happen.

  • My favourite deck is Bloodthirsty Garden. It's so fun to play, plus it's not a "competitive general" so you tend to be left alone. Plus Thelon of Havenwood 's lore is so sad. It's a deck that I could never keep together for long becasue I wanted to use it's pieces in other decks, so I got a copy of it on mtgo, but last time I checked, it was broke and Thelon was unplayable.
  • Favourite Legendary Creature: Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni . She was one of my first legendary creatures, so I'm fond of her.
  • My current project is The Queen's Curse and attempt of playing 5 colour curses in edh.

  • Um, what else? I'm from the arctic state of Minnesota, I'm easily stressed out.

    As I love EDH, feel free to ask for help and I'll be sure to come and leave a comment or two. Especially if it's mono-black, I love mono-black!

    A portrait a friend made, depicting me in the art style of Portrait of a Scholar by Rembrandt.

    Praise be the Mord Bloodline

    TzickyT says... #1

    hi i build a deck Liliana, A discarding Disgrace it started as a copy of your liliana primer edh but changed it to another sort of enjoyment level in my standards stil i don't know what i would change to it at this point out i was wondering if u got the time that you could look for a few minutes to my deck and give me a thought what u think about it ? thanks for your time

    August 15, 2017 7:16 a.m.

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    oh, they're just the same lands from last year. Now I regret ordering 15 of the Mark Poole swamps...

    August 15, 2017 3:55 p.m.

    Said on The Queen's Curse...


    I figured I have Tempt and Sylvan Scrying, they should be enough. So Im testing one of the new curses.

    August 15, 2017 3:31 p.m.

    Where are the basics? I have yet to see them, K34.

    August 15, 2017 3:28 p.m.

    Said on The Queen's Curse...


    SufferFromEDHD the Hydra used to tutor up Serra's Sanctum, but I'm currently testing one of the new curses in it's spot. I originally considered Cleansing Meditation but I couldn't reliably trigger threshold, plus I don't need the temptation to destroy all permanents. Honestly, the meta has been calling curses "too competitive" as it is.

    TzickyT I appreciate the comment, but the deck runs fine. Clearly our meta are different, because I need Agent of Erebos to deal with all the reanimator in my area. The enchantresses are what make the deck playable. I don't know what your meta is, but if they need to be cut and yet can't survive, something is wrong. The cards you suggest are more good stuff and less focused for what this deck wants. Although the deck does need to be updated, because I'm pretty sure the Hydra and Femeref Enchantress are going to be cut for the new curses, which are actually better when cursing me.

    In any event, I appreciate the comments.

    August 15, 2017 11:52 a.m.

    Looking to build Kess when she comes out and I want to run creatures that on ETB either return spells to be used again or return my other creatures to play. I'm focusing on ETBs and would like help filling in the holes.

    Ive got a couple on hand already:Anarchist, Charmbreaker Devils, Mnemonic Wall, Nucklavee , and Phyrexian Delver. Additionally I'll be getting Havengul Lich, bloodline necromaner, Archaeomancer and Izzet Chronarch in the wizard deck. But is there anything else I'm missing?

    August 13, 2017 11:55 a.m.

    They have to put all the curses in the dragon deck....r-right guys?

    August 9, 2017 11:39 a.m.

    Too lazy to link them all, but we got 5 new curses. They're good. We have a card that phases you out of the game(which should be put on Isochron Scepter) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    August 9, 2017 10:49 a.m.

    Cats needed a facelift. And I can't argue with ignoring Merfolk, elves and goblins. Wizards need more of a tribal identity, other than draw cards, counter spells, so I'm overall reacting positively to this year's product.

    August 8, 2017 11:44 a.m.


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