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I've only been playing mtg for around a year, i love budget standard brews and johnny decks, and have been very successful with them at fnm. I am currently looking to break into modern, i have a few lists cooked up and currently testing them. Let me know if you have any sweet builds ill check em out and tell you what i think.

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I'm loving these TITI builds +1 from me! I'm playing a izzet build using thing and i'm loving it!

Also i would consider Chart a Course. The plan is to swing every turn anyway and its great to refill your hand or find the last pieces to your engine

January 18, 2018 11:25 p.m.

sylvannos so Monastery Swiftspear was in my original list but with the amount of counters that i play i just don't get the same value out of prowes it in this shell. We play a game more similar to U snapdelverthing than a traditional delver list.

Thanks for showing me Squelch! It's a solid card but at the moment i think i prefer Nimble Obstructionist simply because during my opponents turn we can flash him in and really not hold us back. I also largely play against budget lists so i don't see allot of fetches.But when i actually go to an FNM I'll make a side board and ill have to add Squelch. But i could also see myself switching them out, I'll just have to see how additional testing goes.

Also surprisingly I've never had a problem hitting 4-5 mana. I think this is because of the lack of fetches so we naturally have more mana to hit, but we also have a much stronger draw package than the original delver (in my opinion). Between Serum Visions, Opt, Chart a Course and Bedlam Reveler we can dig VERY deep to find what we need.

January 18, 2018 10:05 p.m.

Boza i tottaly forgot serpent thanks! Originally i wrote him off b/c of the double blue when i first built delver tempo now itll fit nicely.

For now i think im gonna try a 2/1 split with serpent and obstructionist. I play tested with obstructionist last night, and i liked the clock but i dont think its as good as a big beater. I'll play it like a click

January 18, 2018 9:05 a.m.

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shadow63 I'm gonna play test with nimble, It provides a solid clock and i feel like countering like a tapped fetchland or a planes walker or even like an artifact can be really good. And also i can just hold it to cast on my opponents turn if i dont need to counter anything

January 17, 2018 7:45 p.m.

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ToolmasterOfBrainerd i think ill try obstructionist, i like swift spear but i don't think i'll get as much value in this deck because of how much grindier it is vs the aggressive burn virsion.

I guess i also should remember that i might not truly understand the speed of modern, as most of my friends aslo play budgetish decks so ive never played like a tier one bant eldrazi or grixis shadow. I could be completely off in my philosophy of this build

January 17, 2018 5:23 p.m.

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ToolmasterOfBrainerd Thanks for all the input! As always you've given me allot to think about. For know i think I'm going to keep delver. The way I've been playing it has to delver turn one and then thing around turn 3/4. I've been using thing as more of a win more or a way to regain control against creature decks so normally once i flip it delver has already done the necessary damage to close the game or more likely already been dealt with. I've also seen some delverthing decks post some decent records according to MTG gold fish so I do have some faith in the strategy.

Now as i get more comfortable with the deck and play some stronger lists there's a solid chance that i could switch delver for swift spear, it really just depends on how i like the feel.

Aslo how to feel about Bloodwater Entity or Nimble Obstructionist in replace of Young Pyromancer? I'm really on the fence about it, i feel like either could add some extra value to the build

January 17, 2018 3:55 p.m.

I've been playing a budget delver variant (Delving for umm someTHING). I have been running both Thing in the Ice  Flip and Young Pyromancer in same deck just and it just hasn't been working for me.

I feel like thing better fits my shell so i want to replace young pyro. My initial thought was to find something with a good ETB affect so it can gain value with Thing in the Ice  Flip. Of course Snapcaster Mage is the obvious choice, but I just cant afford him,

My next thought was either Bloodwater Entity or Nimble Obstructionist.

entity provides a snap like affect, and as a 2/2 prowes flyer could be a clock.

Nimble Obstructionist on the other hand gives us an additional control affect and another good clock.

I would run either one as a 3 of and up delver back to 4!

Also any advice on my list would be appreciated, i feel like its pretty solid with my budget restraints but it can always be improved

January 17, 2018 2:26 p.m.

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In working on something similar to that but with Delver of Secrets  Flip, Bedlam Reveler and The Thing in the Ice. I also have young pyro but i want to switch it out for something different

January 17, 2018 12:05 p.m.

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In mine i run 4x Young Pyromancers 3x Delver of Secrets  Flip 3x Thing in the Ice  Flip and 2x Bedlam Reveler, with 4 visions and opts i really havent had a problem running both thing and young pyros. But they are kind of counterproductive sometimes

January 12, 2018 2:01 p.m.

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In mine i run 4x Young Pyromancers 3x Delver of Secrets  Flip 3x Thing in the Ice  Flip and 2x Bedlam Reveler, with 4 visions and opts i really havent had a problem running both thing and young pyros. But they are kind of counterproductive sometimes

January 12, 2018 1:59 p.m.

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Im trying a more control build with delver using Thing in the Ice  Flip and Bedlam Reveler ive had allot of good results in testing so far

January 11, 2018 10:26 p.m.

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WizardOfTheNorthernCoast yea here it is!

Budget U EldazaTron

We picked up everything our local shops had (which was just tron and the eldrazis) and we are gonna proxy the rest to rest. If i feel like it runs smooth we'll buy the rest off of Amazon. I basically followed your shell and added a bit of flavor from traditional u tron

And IzzetFanatic ill have to look into ponza then!

January 6, 2018 11:36 a.m.

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No CoCo?

January 5, 2018 3:31 p.m.

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WizardOfTheNorthernCoast Hey look at it know, He play tested it a little bit last night. And he enjoyed the ability to use his deck like a tool box. So i pulled the weenies out and put a stronger control package. Let me know what you think!

shadow63 I actually haven't but i think he enjoys the more janky strategies. I let him use my restore balance list on occasion and he loves it so when i told him that this deck could keep his opponent from playing he fell in love with the idea

January 5, 2018 2:09 p.m.

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WizardOfTheNorthernCoast Thanks! that looks like it could be fun.

xyr0s Yea after play testing some last night, I have to agree. My initial thought was to play smaller creatures at first for chum blockers and to help make mana/loot for tron. But i think I've decided i need to focus more on control in the early game until i can drop a bomb

January 5, 2018 8:54 a.m.

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IzzetFanatic thats gonna be out of his budget, but why dont they work well?

January 4, 2018 5:52 p.m.

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My brother has asked me to put together a list for him to get into modern with. We are both mostly casual players, but we both love a good deck. I have recently built a budget UR delver variant, and its just out of his league, so he wants something fun to play that can give me a good game for under $100.

He tends to like non traditional (unfair) decks that don't play by the rules as well as big creatures. So i though maybe U Tron with some Eldrazi? It seems like the idea could work, but I'm not very familiar with the archetype as i am a tempo player. So any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Budget U EldazaTron

January 4, 2018 4:25 p.m.


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