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Mortiferus_Rosa's Binder

Making a list of my trades. For the cards not marked MP (Moderately Played) they are either NM (Near Mint) or LP (Lightly Played).

Due to the nature of my work I can periodically go up to 36 hours between using my computer so please have some patience. Also, I am new to using the trading system so I dont have a trade reputation yet (hoping to fix this). That being said, I hope that the level of detail of my trade binder as well as the number of decks I have built on this site does show my level of commitment.

I will say i can be a bit particular about cards i trade for; with some minor exceptions i dont like to trade for cards that are MP or less and i prefer English printed cards.

If there are any cards of lesser rarities you're looking for that aren't worth much, just ask! It would take a herculean effort for me to upload all my boxes of cards as well, so if you're looking for something bulk-ish (like a playset of Unsummon or something), just ask and I will see what I've got. Also let me know if there are any low-value common/uncommon foils you're looking for... you never know I might happen to have one.

Vouchers (ie, successful trades)

Additional Notes

  • Foils that are listed as "A" (Altered) are Prerelease cards for situations where there is no means of distinguishing them as such.

  • Captain's Hook is the Buy a Box Promo

  • Braingeyser  MP is signed by the card's artist (Mark Tedin)

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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