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Magic has become one of my favorite pastimes that I enjoy casually, but have an interest in budget Legacy, since I don't view Standard as being worth it, and prefer Legacy over Modern.

I play two styles of decks: fast combo decks that focus on an infinite combo and/or reanimator, and stax. Occasionally, I'll make artifact-heavy ramp decks because I don't like the mountain of Sol Rings I've collected over the years collecting dust, and I can only build so many stax decks before I'm ostracized.

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Said on Angels by my ......


Like others, I notice the high mana cost of angels with only 20 lands.

I have a similar deck, but not on TappedOut, with a similar issue. Though it's easy to fix: mana rocks. Marble Diamond, Fire Diamond, Boros Signet, Sol Ring. Drop those early game, and have mana for days during the rest of it.

Also, try multiple Angel of Serenity. It's fun when you can drop Angel of Serenity, attack next turn, cast another to exile it (and two of your opponent's creatures), attack with the 2nd one next turn, and cast a 3rd one to exile it and two enemy creatures while getting the 1st back into your hand to repeat the cycle.

May 14, 2017 8:16 a.m.


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