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I like tribal decks, especially Zombies

If you haven't already, but still somehow managed to end up here, you might as well go check out my brainchild deck, (currently the highest rated modern zombie deck on the site!):

An Answer to the Prayers

Modern LithiumHD


Give it a +1 if you want to, all are appreciated. (If you're gonna folder, please upvote too)

Reached Sub 100 On The Ranks! I Have Become a True Lord of the Undead

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@MutaliskLord4 i dont mind trying out some hand disruption main board. However, i do feel that in a game one state of mind, Collective Brutality covers more options than a Thoughtseize so i went ahead and substituted those in instead.

August 2, 2017 9:49 p.m.


An Answer to the Prayers

Modern LithiumHD

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A Single Grave Mistake

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