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Well guys, I took Abzan Knights for a spin during Standard Showdown, taking 4th! My lost for the night was against mono red aggro with runaway steamkin. I think that and boros midrange (or angels) are the top decks. In fact boros angels took first. Anyways, opponents I went against tonight are mono red aggro, UB midrange control, mono blue aggro, and UR tempo. With runaway steamkin, looks they built a very early board state, constantly playing spells off of steam kin. My lone knight couldn't block the bigger steamkin, (second main-cast other spells such as chainwhirler and such). Ended up losing 2-1) The experiment is a good engine for them as well. UB midrange control is my next opponent and ritual of soot is a good card against my early creatures and history of Benalia. I ended up winning via sideboard using carnage tyrant and the eldest reborn. getting rid of singleton creatures he possess. In this match up i find that main board kitesail is pretty good! Sideboarded in carnage tyrant, duress x2, and eldest reborn; sideboarded out ajani x2, knight of malice x2. My next opponent is UR tempo. I won 2-0 on the backs of back to back history of benalia followed by shalai. On the second game the duress and main board kitesail, won me the game with lyra backing me. Mono blue is my next opponent, winning 2-1. I think mono blue aggro is a real deck. The djinns get pretty big and backed by storm tamers and counters, I can't settle. Games two and three, i used duress and kitesail to take apart his hand and then cast down vs any of his creatures. lyra for the win as well... with lifelink and first strike. If you guys got suggestions. Please let me know!

October 13, 2018 6:26 a.m.

thank you stazeeee for your help and advice! I will implement some of your ideas and test it out. As of today's testing (prior to stazeeee's comments) consisting of GB midrange/graveyard (3-0), UB midrange/control (2-1), GW Tokens(1-1), and RW Angels (0-2). GB midrange, i found the key card is knight of grace. all of my opponent's removals are black based such as assassin's trophy and cast down. charnel troll can be a handful! but the mainboard remorseful cleric, helped me win games against his graveyard strategy. i think i will moved it in the sideboard though. I played next against one of my team mates, with his revamped GW tokens, going 1-1. in his build, i find that getting rid of song of freyalise is a must. also in this case, knight of malice is a big help! he also walked in on mainboard settle the wreckage. i think having a one of mainboard settle is good against aggro heavy meta, specially at the beginning of the season. i will keep it in the mean time. my next opponent was also another team mate, and he researched along with another team mate from another location boros angels. the list they're using is the one that 5-0 the competitive league twice. in this case i couldn't stop him. deafning clarion is a real card! the new aurelia is hard to beat with my deck specially with shalai protecting her and lyra. he also used the new rw removal that creatures hit themselves. its a good a removal. my final opponent is also against one of my teamates. he brewed a pretty good UB midrange. he caught me off guard with thief of sanity... stealing key cards such as ajani from me. since i don't have that many flyers. he also utilized hostage taker, taking my black knights or my knight of autumn and using them against me (EOT effects of knight of autumn). he also use blink effects on his creatures to save them or steal more creatures. i actually think its pretty good. that's the result of today's testing. again, thank you stazeeee for your ideas. and i'll implement some of them on my next testing. i think you're right about carnage tyrant. I'll keep him in the sideboard.

October 8, 2018 10:02 a.m.

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thank you for your help on my abzan knights! I've been testing it heavily with my team. I'm having a hard time against boros angels... (the list that 5-0 the competitive league twice). i will implement some of your thoughts and ideas. once again thank you!

October 8, 2018 9:41 a.m.

Okay, guys, after I scrubbed out of today's sealed PPTQ (1-3, drop), I decided to test Abzan midrange versus a couple of decks. The first one was against Golgari aggro/midrange going 1-2. That deck is pretty strong, although, I misplayed a couple of times such as leaving Ajani open so I can convoke for Conclave Tribunal. I find that Vraska, Relic Seeker may not be mainboard after all. I replaced it instead with Carnage Tyrant. I also added nullhide ferox for testing purposes, he didn't come out. The next match was against mirror with one of my team mates piloting the other deck. I went 3-0, Ajani proved to be the key. The next one is against GW Tokens going 3-2, two of which is piloted by my team mate because his deck is incomplete. In this case, main board kitesail freebooter is the key, taking away the opponent's key spells such as Song of Freyalise and History of Benalia. The other key card is also Conclave Tribunal and Vraska's contempt to get rid of key creatures like Shalai. If you guys got any suggestions please let me know more! I'm going to continue tinkering this deck.

October 6, 2018 12:05 p.m.

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I like your deck too! I think your deck is stronger than mine! Is there a way you can add another History of Benalia?

October 5, 2018 10:24 a.m.




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