I'm literally a bunch of poorly-disguised slivers hiding in a hat and trench coat.

I enjoy making decks, but what I enjoy even more is making deck pages as I'm having a blast experimenting with CSS. Additioanlly, I love easter eggs. So I tend to hide them in all of my deck pages.

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Hey Doombeard1984,

Sorry for not responding sooner - got busy with life and stuff. Also been working on a new deck for funsies. However, your question: would Maelstrom Nexus work as a possible value engine in your deck? In my opinion...I think you wouldn't get as much value out of the card as you would like. According to my count you have 13 cards in your deck that are CMC 5 or 6. Ideally with Maelstrom Nexus out, you'd cast one of those big cards and cast something smaller - ideally a Sliver. The problem here is that there's a bit of unpredictability with Cascade - once you cast that spell you could end up revealing and casting any of your instants or sorceries. Imagine Cascadeing into a Armageddon with no Gemhide Sliver on the board?

tl:dr - Would Maelstrom Nexus be fun to play? Yes. Would it get you consistent results with every Cascade trigger? No. Sometimes, it may even hurt you.

If you were looking for more consistent results that result in ether value, or just outright win you the game then I'd suggest:

The previously mentioned cards when paired with a Mana and Haste Sliver result in you casting everything from your deck for the most part. Sure, it doesn't exactly fit within the aggro play style you seem to be going for, but it ends the game. Most players who have played against Slivers know exactly what any of the previously mentioned cards mean when you get them on the battlefield, so expect to have to defend it when it hits the board. What do you think of my suggestions? Would you want to use any of those, or are you looking for something more unique?

December 9, 2018 4:30 p.m.

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lordkunai, I was thinking back on what you said about being land/creature light. As I played the deck, I realized there were times when I was hurting for additional infect sources. Usually, as the game progresses my opponents would gang up at some point to remove all of my creatures...and the deck has a rather high average CMC, so more lands were needed. At the time of the post, I had 30 lands and 20 creatures - now i'm up to 35 lands and 21 creatures. What do you think? Is that enough?

November 24, 2018 6:51 p.m.

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Hey Dumgoldfish124,

Thanks for commenting on the deck, yeah...politically Atraxa Infect is pretty weak. 1. Your damage doesn't stack with others, 2. Most players aren't looking to be your friend 3. Your creatures don't have the highest Power and Toughness. It's an uphill battle that's for sure. Interesting choice running Kheru Lich Lord, Altered Ego and Gigantoplasm - all choices I've never really considered. Honestly, I want to steer clear of non-infect creatures as much as I can help it. On top of that, i'm trying to go for a certain "Phyrexia only" aesthetic - as much as I can anyway. Thanks for sharing those cards though, i'll definitely give them some though. I'll also check out your deck page.

November 24, 2018 2:25 p.m.

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Hey Doombeard1984,

Sorry for not writing back to you for so long. Honestly, I've been kind of focused on tuning and experimenting with the deck. I've got a pretty exciting update for the deck, but I want to save it for my birthday which is coming up very soon! In fact, I think i'll write up a little something in the updates. In regards to your suggestion, I think i'm going to keep this deck as simple as I can - swing wide, and infect as much as possible. No need for fancy combos...just pure and simplistic infect. As I discover new and interesting cards i'll try them out, but for now this is a list I can be comfortable with.

November 24, 2018 2:21 p.m.


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