I'm literally a bunch of poorly-disguised slivers hiding in a hat and trench coat.

I enjoy making decks, but what I enjoy even more is making deck pages as I'm having a blast experimenting with CSS. Additioanlly, I love easter eggs. So I tend to hide them in all of my deck pages.

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Mythwind, thanks for commenting on the page, i'll definitely check out that decklink - why not use tappedout though? There's plenty of options for creating a forums post - just sayin'. But keeping in line with that previously hypothetical sliver - I realize the CMC was too low for something of that power level. Instead i'd opt for

  • Name: Kindred Sliver
  • CMC:
  • Rules: Whenever a Sliver you control enters the battlefield or attacks, draw a card.
  • Power/Toughness: 1/1

I feel like that's fairly balanced. But my true dream sliver is this darling:

  • Name: Void Sliver
  • CMC:
  • Rules: All slivers gain , sacrifice a Sliver: counter target non-creature spell.
  • Power/Toughness: 2/2

That's a Sliver i'd love to see in 2023.

April 21, 2019 4:41 p.m.

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Vlasiax, thanks for the comments. There's a bit to unpack here, so i'll address each suggestion in a bullet point:

  • Kindred Discovery was previously considered here, but your assessment of too high of a CMC was the limiting factor. I wish it was on a Sliver body, then I could justify trying to work it in somehow. Previously I did try working with Synapse Sliver , but it just wasn't that good. A "Kindred Sliver" (but at CMC , and power/toughness 1/1) would be an excellent inclusion though. What would you cut for this hypothetical Sliver?

  • Dovin's Veto does have my curiosity, but not my attention. It is a great counterspell, worth experimenting with - but I wouldn't call it strictly better. Color restriction can become an issue at times. I'm definitely going to experiment with it as it is a very strong counterspell.

April 19, 2019 6:15 p.m.


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