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Just a Sliver who manifested on a new plane after Rath was destroyed...

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Delta-117, thanks for keeping me in the loop regarding spoilers. Arcane Adaptation has my curiosity, but it's synergy (at least to me) seems too niche to be useful in this deck. If this deck incorporated alot of non-slivers, then I could see a potential use for it. Additionally, Vanquisher's Banner also has my curiosity. It reminds me of Coat of Arms. Arcane Adaptation is not a must include, but it is interesting.

But what has my attention is the announcement of a return to Dominaria, the current home to Slivers according to MTG lore. That guarantees we will be getting more of our favorite hive-minded tribe come 2018. If they reveal any Sliver Planeswalker(s) I'll be getting two of each, in foil. Who am I kidding? I'll likely acquire all the slivers from that set in foil as well.

Pypoh, welcome to the hive. Thanks for commenting on the page, and thanks for the compliments. So you're interested in building your own Queen's Egg, hm? Well are you building a paper copy, or on MTGO? If you're building a paper copy, then I'll give you some advice - try your best to get involved with an MTG community, and try and buy cards directly from individuals. Maybe see if you can perhaps help with odd jobs and etc to get a discount on some cards? That helped me out some. Additionally, check out the Hivestone > Other Information > Building this Deck section. It'll give you an idea for how much some of the more expensive lands costs. Try and get your deck for less than what I paid!

In regards to Diffusion Sliver, it used to be in this deck, but the problem was that if someone wanted to remove a sliver, then they could easily pay the extra . Due to the nature of the format...mana is kind of a non-issue in EDH/Commander. So in closing - Diffusion Sliver's ability is moot, because the opponent can easily pay the tax that protects your slivers. As for your other card suggestions:

  • Virulent Sliver - Having to attack your opponent with 10 individual instances of Poison is difficult, and ultimately kind of pointless. If you're going to hit your opponent 10 times, then they should be dead shortly before then. It's an interesting back up plan though, and I could see a reason for it's inclusion- but definitely not a primary wincon strategy.

  • Root Sliver - Depends HIGHLY upon your group's meta. If you have a EDH player who is just counter-happy, then Root is definitely a must include. I personally don't encounter too many counter heavy decks, so I'd prefer to rely on Cavern of Souls

  • Darkheart Sliver - Also was in this deck once, it's a decent creature, and a good response to a boardwipe. The primary use I found for it was an additional sac outlet for Dormant Sliver. I'd consider it's ability a bit too niche to be useful in more than one situation.

  • Frenetic Sliver - This one was also once apart of the hive.'s kind of in the same slot as Darkheart Sliver in that it's primary use was a response to boardwipe events. However, it's ability can be useful when a sliver is going to die...and you have no options for regeneration. Basically when blocking or attacking with a sliver you'd use Frenetic's ability right before it enters the graveyard - you could potentially save the sliver and maintain board presence. Unfortunately it's ability is inherently inconsistent, but interesting nonetheless. I wouldn't include it however, given that there are so many options for regeneration.

Sorry that response got a little long, but yeah. A pleasure hearing from you both.

June 16, 2017 1:34 p.m.

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Hey Pozo2212, so uh...I have to say that your deck description looks rather might've come from somewhere else? I'll just take the rather "inspired" description as a compliment, but you could give some credit where credit is due :P Anywho, as for your deck itself, it is similar to my own, but at the same time distinctly different. I'll break my thoughts down into little bullets:

  • Cost: So you're pursuing original dual lands as well as the absolutely degenerate Gaea's Cradle? Wow. Well done. That's effectively an ideal manabase - as slivers don't function as well without access to WUBURG at any given moment. That already sets your deck leagues above most, placing it squarely within the competitive realm of EDH.

  • Creatures: Interesting choice including Eldrazi along with slivers. I'm genuinely surprised you don't have Ghostflame Sliver though. That'll make all your slivers immune to All Is Dust, and creates additional synergies with various eldrazi spells. With Ghostflame in play, consider of the following Eldrazi options:

  • Forerunner of Slaughter - A haste option for your colorless slivers

  • Ruination Guide - an "Anthem Sliver"

  • Vile Aggregate - a less powerful but viable Sliver Legion

The previous suggestions should be taken worth a grain of salt because they're all a bit janky as their viability are entirely reliant on just one creature, but it'd be interesting none the less. But if you want to be even more competetive, then maybe going with Sliver Queen as your commander would be the better route.

June 12, 2017 2:03 p.m.

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Pozo2212, i'll gladly help you out with your deck. BTW, you can link your deck by using:


If you changed the name of your deck, it'll always have the original name you gave it And if you were to advertise your deck, then use:

June 10, 2017 9:34 a.m.

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Triton, you said exactly what I was thinking. Since infect is going to be the primary wincon of this deck, then having some spells that Proliferate would be must haves. Spread the Sickness and Grim Affliction are good targeted removal, but most importantly they proliferate as well.

June 7, 2017 3:41 p.m.

Have you seen the spoiled Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh? An absolute must-include for any bolas themed deck. Also, +1 for bolas.

June 7, 2017 10:59 a.m.

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  • Vizier of the Menagerie is not a sliver, and therefore does not belong in the hive.

  • Volrath's Stronghold, I am considering. I do need additional graveyard recursion outside of Yawgmoth's Will and Patriarch's Bidding. What land do you think I should swap out for it? I'm considering swapping out Mutavault, but removing it would be removing another Sliver.

  • Descendants' Path I considered, but ultimately deemed it unnecessary. This deck is pretty fast, and once Paradox Engine hits the field, I can end up playing every single sliver in my library if I have enough slivers in play.

  • Why did I remove Scroll Rack? It's not removed. I simply upgraded to the masterpiece version of it. It's under Legacy Catalysts.

Question, do you know how to tag cards? If not, please check out this page for help. It makes it easier on the reader when they can just hover their mouse of the card, as opposed to having to look it up. Thanks!

June 6, 2017 9:28 a.m.


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