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LTmiller's Binder

I always prefer to do tracking on just about anything.

Some Japanese Cards have cost me more than their English Counterparts so they are listed below:

Runechanter's PikeJA is $5.00

Izzet BoilerworksJA is $6.00

Spellheart ChimeraJA is $5.00

Acquirefoil iconJA icon is $22.00

Knowledge ExploitationJA icon is $5.50

Sulfur FallsJA icon is $8.00

Turn / Burnfoil iconJA icon is $6.00

Niv-Mizzet, DracogeniusJA icon is $5.00

Stolen Goodsfoil iconJA icon is $4.00

BrainstormJA icon is $3.00

I will always take foil basics as filler at $0.25 a piece, and full arts at $0.10 a piece.

Notable traders:

Tyqar is one of THE BEST people I've ever traded with. +100000!

I also trade on deckbox -

and on Facebook -

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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