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Kiortio's Binder

Looking for FAERIE EDH stuff!

My Binder currently needs a large update, as I just buylisted abunch of stuff.

Raging Ravine is Chinese.

For the following foils, I would need the non-foil version + value for this: 2x Rest in Peace, 4x Flooded Strand, 2x Vendilion Clique

For the Flooded Strands, I would need only 3 regulars back for my foils.

*If my card has play, I will let you know as we are discussing the trade. It never works when I try to input conditions in the binder so I gave up.

If you have ANY questions about a card of mine, please ask! I cba to format all of the cards correctly so just ask.

If I have something you want but you have nothing I want, feel free to still leave a comment! I'm always interested in trading for EDH and Modern staples.

Some of the cards I have listed under "Have" are cards that are currently in decks. I would be willing to trade them, but only towards my big wants.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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