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mekonia Great observation! I understand this combo line only slightly, but I'm guessing at that point, once you have infin don't use brought back on the creatures for the final stages? You would just get infin mana, cast brought back targeting the animate dead - getting back e wit, e wit getting back finale, and then you can cycle between using brought back (targeting the enchantment to get e wit to get brought back) and finale (targeting all your other creatures) and then finale would get all your creatures back into play UNTAPPED and with haste and a pump. I could be wrong, but at a first glance with minimal understanding of this combo, that's what I presume you would do ...but idunno lol I could be way off lol

A much more simple line in my opinion is the E wit LED leonin Razaketh line..but it's only slightly less complicated xD

October 12, 2020 8:30 a.m.


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