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Said on Nahiri Lithomancy...


Deploy to the Front: A huge mana dump for meh. Not bad. I'd add to the "cut if I find something better" spot. When you spend that much mana, it had better put you in a very strong position. And I don't think this card will. It just tells people to use board wipes. It gives you lots of bodies for equipment, but you never really need more than one or two at a time, which you can do for much cheaper.

Nomad's Assembly: Same , rebound makes it hugelllly better though. Still same downsides though.

Spectral Procession: Perfect example of token generator you want in this deck. dumping 3 mana is much better than 7 like the previous two cards. This is where you want to be as far as making tokens. Cheaper cards, one or two at a time, put equipment on them, force opponents to answer.

Commander's Sphere: Not necessarily needed. You lose a lot of it's value since you only tap it for one color, think of it as getting 1 mana worth of its effect while still spending 3. I wouldn't play it.

AFterlife: WTF why is this card white? Lol. Its sweet. Definitely keep, unless better removal options present themselves.

Brave the Elements: I'd cut this. Saves your guys which is nice but... I don't know if you care. I feel like you should have the mentality where every time someone kills your equip'd tokens you just shrug, say okay, and put them on another token. That being said, its not bad. Perhaps add to "maybe ccut" mental list, if better things come up.

Comeuppance: I mean... I dunno.. I'd cut it, probably. But you've gotten decent value out of it. Just seems like I'd rather not have to leave 4 mana up all the time like that. Could be a fun blowout to keep in though, your call.

Midnight Haunting: Another example of a perfect card in my eyes for the deck.

Cathars' Crusade: I'd cut this, probably. Buff tokens with your equipment, don't worry about wasting a turn and 5 mana for this mediocre effect. The counters won't add up fast enough to matter (assuming you go with my "midnight haunting is better than deploy to the front" mentality) in comparison to spending that mana on equipment.

Intangible Virtue, Marshal's Anthem, True Conviction: I'd still say cut anthems for sure. Especially Intangible virtue. Marshal's is interesting. But ccost a lottttt of mana to get value. So I'd cut. True Conviction is probably keepable though. Works great with equip'd up creatures.

February 15, 2015 4:45 p.m.

Said on Nahiri Lithomancy...



Adarkar Valkyrie is one of those "fun cards" but not necessarily synergistic with your deck. You could keep it in purely if you want to have fun with it, but if you want to optimize the deck for what it should be doing, I'd cut it.

Angel of the Dire Hour looks awesome... but 7 mana... could be tough to get there. Might be better off with just a Day of Judgement sorta thing, or the 5 mana mono white board wipes going around. Your call.

Celestial Crusader: I'd probably cut this. I don't think you need anthems in this deck. I think you just want bodies to put strong equipment on.

Flickerwisp: Doesn't do much in this deck. I'd cut it.

Odric: Fun. Stupid. Worth keeping if you want. I guess its strong. But I'd consider cutting it as well, as it doesn't synergize with the equip a durdle and attack with it plan. Your call.

Phantom General: I'd cut this. See Celestial Crusader.

Precinct Captain: Makes a durdle... not terrible... Depending on how many different cards you want to add this would go on the "potential cut" zone, but not an immediate cut. Reason being, it does what your deck wants, which makes it decent, but I feel it doesn't do A LOT. I guess. You could get more value out of other cards potentially. But it isn't bad, so like I said. Add it to "maybe cut" but only if you have nothing worse to cut, and need to add something.

Resolute Archangel: I'd probably cut this... one of those cards that sounds really good in theory (I'm on the fence about it in a deck I'm building myself) but I feel like you just don't want to be spending mana this way. It keeps you alive, but doesn't make any forward progress. Doesn't do shit for combos or commander damage, which we have a decent amount of in our group as well.

Serra Avatar: Sigh. This card is dumb. The fact that you've won with it, and that it can just be gigantic makes it really tempting, and might lead you to overvalue it but honestly it isn't really great... lots of mana, no evasion, no protection... meh. I wouldn't play it. Its a huge mana dump for a creature very unlikely to last, whereas you could spend less than half that mana to get some durdly 1/1s that people don't want to waste removal on, but still wear your equipment just as well.

Skyhunter Skirmisher: I mean it isn't terrible. But its value is limited. Its a good body to put equipment on, but... its just a kill-spell bait really. I'd focus more on making tokens to wear your equipment. People don't want to waste kill spells on tokens. What makes your deck so annoing is that you don't give people a choice but to do so.

Sun Titan: Hrmm. Same as other reanimators, Reveillark and Karmic Guide... I might prioritize this one a little bit more... but I dunno.

Twilight Shepherd: Another card that I feel like baits you (and myself for sure) into playing it, when in practice you don't often get the value you want out of it. It is a great blowout card, but it requires someone to wipe your board, on YOUR TURN, and for most of what is wiped to be permanants (ie not tokens), I'm not sure you'll have enough conditions left to make this viable very often.

February 15, 2015 4:30 p.m.

Said on Nahiri Lithomancy...


Altar of Dementia: Nice thought but no real point. You won't win through mill. Unless you are trying to mill your own equipment? I don't think I'd take that route though.

Auriok Steelshaper: Seems good. I'd add it, relatively high value.

Batterskull: Definite add, if you can dish out the cash.

Blasting Station: Nah, this deck doesn't wanna go that route.

Concerted Effort: Its interesting. Potential add, but I'd put it at low-med priority. Addable, playable, probably decent, but might be better cards. Worth keeping on the list for now.

Ghostly Prison: Always a consideration. But If you're going to have lots of 1/1 chump blockers, I wouldn't prioritize this highly. You also have decent removal spells to deal with attackers, plus some life gain.

Karmic Guide: Solid card. Reanimation isn't the decks priority, so this isn't something I'd rush to add, unless you have specific high-value targets. It has potential. But I'd consider what else you might wanna do with 5 mana on any given turn. Getting back a creature, or playing more powerful spells/equipment ect.

Moonsilver Spear: Could be sweet. Sure, why not.

New Benalia: Yup

Puresteel Paladin: Definitely. But you need more equipment/artifacts.

Quitus Spike: Yes

Reveillark: See Karmic Guide. Think: What would I get back? How likely will there be to 2 targets?

Ring of Three Wishes: No. To expensive mana wise. You never want to take the time to use this.

Sculpting Steel: Yes definitely

Solemn Simulacrum: You don't really need it, to be honest. Amazing in multicolor decks, but not as great here.

Steelshaper's Gift: Fuck Yes

Stoneforge Mystic: Fuck Yes

Stonehewer Giant: Fuck Yes

Swords: Of course

Trading Post: Nah, you don't need any of those effects.

Windbrisk Heights: Sounds good to me.

February 15, 2015 4:15 p.m.

Said on Nahiri Lithomancy...


No Ajani GoldmaneProbs Yes Ajani Steadfast

Reason: The deck does well because you can just constantly put powerful equipment on durdling 1/1s. Goldmane's plus is useless, and his - puts a permanant buff one ONE creature. Which makes it painful to lose that creature, when otherwise you wouldn't care (could re-equip to new token). Steadfast on other handbuffs with his +, makes it harder to block his target, and it isn't a big deal if the creature is killed, as the buff is temporary. They both would probably be okay, but I think steadfast is better for the deck. Goldmane is a luxury that could probably be a better card.

February 15, 2015 4:04 p.m.

Said on Roon...


Thanks for the tip. I 100% agree with the first 2 suggestions. And the 3rd, for the most part. Might keep the sundial in for a bit myself, just for fun, but no need for soul of the harvest when playing blue. As for shocks, not really going to bother for kitchen-table purposes. Just spent way too much on a modern land base :P so I'll keep it slow and simple.

February 10, 2015 12:10 p.m.

I like that it isn't all counterspells. I was worried about that. I like the shit tons of cantrips idea better. Or counterspells that cantrip. Could add Arcane Denial and the other one. Day of the Dragons looks awesome and hilarious, but I think if it goes away, you won't get your drake tokens back, correct? Just curious.Leyline of Anticipation is a possible cut, doesn't seem necessary. You could play Consecrated Sphinx, Rhystic Study, Archaeomancer effects, whether on bodies or spells. Favorable Winds effects. Panoptic Mirror could be fun, since it appears you can put multiple cards under it and just start cantriping 3 or 4 times for free every turn. Sphinx-Bone Wand is an option. Oh the mirror could randomly go infinite if you put an extra turn card under it. If you wanted just one "haha funny if i get it" combo. Runechanter's Pike could easily win you some games, if you're into that kind of thing. Wash Out maybe. Eyes of the Watcher.

February 8, 2015 11:02 a.m.