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Hey, I've been playing casually for a couple years now, but recently I've started to do a lot more competitive events at my local card shop.

I love to hear other people's opinions, but I'm also a bit argumentative and very stubborn. So be prepared to defend your suggestion.

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@pfcpat12 - I already have 11 pieces of ramp, going up to a full 4-off Drover of the Mighty is bordering on overkill. Burning Sun's Avatar has a decent ETB effect, but a 6/6 for 6 with no evasion is very lacking (also triple red in 3-color deck is asking a lot of a manabase). If I was going to main deck a 6 drop I would rather move Carnage Tyrant from the sideboard; hexproof and trample is a mean combo. Whether or not Raging Swordtooth stays will depend on what the post rotation meta looks like. There will be a lot of sorcery speed removal so it's possible that Charging Monostrosaur will do good work.

@Backinajiffy - Rile wouldn't be a great card even if I had more Enrage creatures. As it stands Ripjaw Raptor is the only creature that benefits from taking damage and Charging Monstrasaur, Raging Swordtooth, and Gishath, Sun's Avatar already have trample. Savage Stomp has the same problem that all fight cards do: it is useless if you don't control a big creature. If I'm staring down a mono-red deck and I want to take out an early game creature, the best case is I can cast it on T3 (Which means I've either got the nuts and cast Ripjaw Raptor with enough mana to spare or I'm using it to make my 0/3, 1/1, or 1/2 fight. Alternatively, if I'm across the table from a control deck it does just straight nothing. I would much rather have Lightning Strike to kill little creatures early game or go to the dome in the late game. Abrade can't go to the dome, but it can take out Verdurous or Torrential Gearhulk

September 14, 2017 6:43 p.m.

Infuriated Gladiodon can do more than just ping Ripjaw Raptor. Mono-red has a good number of X/1s, pirates looks like it will have a few as well, and vampires look like they are going to be making a bunch of 1/1 tokens. I could be wrong, but I think having a 1 damage sweeper attached to massive 5/5 body is going to stone wall hyper-aggressive strategies (assuming they exist in new standard)

What would you recommend I replace them with? This is technically a ramp deck, so i need some kind of pay off for playing 11-12 accelerators

September 13, 2017 3:07 p.m.






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