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Please make sure you understand the Guidelines to Trading

Grantley91's Binder

Just some of the more expensive/better cards I own. Some of my decks are also real and subject to trading depending on what you want.

Trading Guidelines:

If you have less trades than me, I would prefer if you sent first. Tracking is not necessary if you send first; I will obviously know you sent them when I receive them.

I send my cards in a sleeve inside a top-loader, almost always in a plain white envelope. I have yet to get any complaints about the quality so it must be an alright practice. If you wish to do the same, so be it. I will not be expected to compensate you for shipping costs unless I pay cash/PayPal (as soon as I decide to set it up) since one side will be experiencing more shipping costs than the other.

I may be willing to sell cards, you will have to make me a decent offer however. I will probably do somewhere between TCG low and mid, and could be coaxed into doing half-trade, half-sell deals.


Slivers! Foil preferably

Things for my Nekusar deck! Yes, I want to be that guy.

Lesser priority:

Dual lands

Notes on Inventory:

My second Garruk and Liliana are from duel decks, not commander/M15.

Ob Nixilis Reignited Emblem

Desolation Twin token

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar emblem

Kari Zev Ragaban monkey token

I have 1 single full art Zendikar foil swamp and plains available for trade, as well as a foil BFZ plains. They are precious and it will not be easy to get me to let go of them but if you are desperate enough I can be bargained with. I also have various basics (mainly swamps, plains, and islands), all in decent shape (LP or better), as well as a lot of BFZ lands, including wastes.

I also have a MP Beta Swamp I got from eBay if you're into that sorta stuff (this one) I'd value it at about $4.

Things I'm looking for that might not be listed:

Fetches/Shocks/Other dual lands

Arcbounds/Artifacts that mesh with them

Allies- only the R/G/W, preferably rares from Zendikar, not BFZ



Completed trades and Vouches:

Anyone in my previous trades are all vouched for and hopefully would vouch for me as well.

Completed Sales:

  • Ikyo great guy, sold at slightly less than TCG low, got my cards in like three days once he shipped them. Definitely recommend him as a seller.

  • 2x Epochalyptik definitely a cool guy, I can see why everyone likes dealing with him so much. Totally recommend buying off of him.

  • Wolfninja

  • rockleemyhero

  • PapaBudz

  • KIngWiggins

  • tclaw12

Incomplete trades:

Khadord: Had arranged a trade on 7/23/15, he said he would send the following week, never received, never responded to numerous messages. Assumed to be inactive/scammed. I never sent cards out so didn't lose anything, so there's that at least. Would recommend extreme caution when dealing with this user should he become active again.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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