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KsP_FtW In the group I play with there is a lot of tribal builds. I will be attacked with 5+ buffed creatures regularly so being able to say that for one turn I take no damage and don't have to lose any creatures, which are very much needed, is amazing.

Nissa's Chosen on the other hand, I find no use for in this deck. Gaining life from Nissa is far too important. Losing a chance at 10+ life for one creature in a deck with no synergy with creatures entering the battlefield is less than stellar in my opinion. Nissa is going to be on the field max 6 turns and the life is necessary with multiplayer games because this deck is always the first target.

April 19, 2017 1:10 a.m.


Marching Elves

Modern* GTaigrs


Use Theirs to Make Yours

Modern* GTaigrs

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